Short term disability leave- May 25/07

The leave of absence I have been trying to avoid at work, is, well, here. Which is a really good thing considering the whole inability to sleep thing, the midnight migraines and the not so pleasant nausea I have going on. As soon as I can arrange to get the botox injections I will be set and hopefully they are covered on my plan. Just in case you are looking to get botox for other reasons, it costs 400-500 for the botox and my neuro said for cosmetic botox they tend to charge about a 100 bucks to inject it, but since he does it for medical reasons he does not charge. I still need to set up a chiro appointment and... remember to go to it. And I still need to get my hair cut... again remembering the appointment helps. And just because life is like that, I also need to make a dentist appointment asap, since I have some killer pain in one tooth. I speculate it is a cavity, but since I have never had one I can't be sure, just going on that theory due to the pain.

Now I have filled out all the paper work for this leave of ansence. My boss has filled out all her paper work. But my doctor is really slacking, of couse apparently she was off on Monday. So I will be getting the paper work tommorow when I go in for my doctor appointment, which would be three days later than I would have liked. It is possible because of this delay I might be sans a pay cheque, but thanfully there are three paydays in June, so it will not hinder me in any way.

So what have I been doing with my spare time? Well, extremely little. I have not had the energy to do any housework, which would at least make me feel awake and functioning. Leaving the house is a trial I have been avoiding, because you know it is bright out there. Since the sleeping thing has been so very erratic I tend to catch up on it in the afternoon, which is the best way to get rid of a afternoon migraine anyway. However, I find myself wide awake very late into the night, unable to sleep because of a nasty migraine, then when that is gone, nasty nausea, and so I tend to blog or update my website... anything to distract myself really. I will, of course, need to adjust this sleeping pattern, but I figure once we can dampen these migraines then those lovely sleeping pills will be in working order once again. And really when your stomach is upset it is not a good idea to drink five bottles of nice refreshing cold water, because then you will not be sleeping, just peeing. Also, if you have nausea that will just not quite, don't take Toradol, becuase that is worse, way worse. So I have been sticking with the codiene, but trying not to take it too much, lest I get into a rebound cycle.
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