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The double edged sword; rebounding

Avoiding the painkiller-overuse rut in migraines

Those pain pills you think help your migraines? Take too many and you could make them worse. Overusing painkillers can spin migraine patients into a rut, spurring more headaches that in turn require more pain medication. A very unlucky fraction even get what's called chronic migraine, where they're in pain more days than not, and new research suggests certain prescription painkillers, including narcotics, increase that risk.

Yes, for those of us with chronic migraines, sucks to be us. Rebounding on meds can be from narcotics (the most often refered to), but it can also be OTC meds, anti-inflammatories and triptans. Everything you use, can cause rebounding. Narcotics are said to be one where it occurs most often. I try to use the three day a week rule, nothing for more than three migraines out of the week. And this works well, except for hormonal migraines and status migraines. But the best plan, is finding an effective preventat…
FDA adds suicide warning to epilepsy

The Food and Drug Administration announcement comes almost a year after the agency first said patients taking the drugs have a slightly higher risk for suicide than those taking dummy pills.

According to the new language, only about 1 in 500 patients face an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior while taking the drugs. The new warning emphasizes that the risks are about the same among all antiseizure drugs.

I am a little suprised it was not already on there. Some of those meds to affect the mood, and if it affects to mood in any way, then it can cause suicidal ideation and incidents. With most of the ones I am on, it is more a positive, or maybe even hypomanic side effect I get. You have to weigh the pros and cons of every med. Naturally any adverse affects on the mood

Acupuncture beats aspirin for chronic headache: Scientific American

All I have to say is that this is hardly surprising. A great deal of things beat OTC aspirin. In this case, acupuncture would be a substitute for a preventative. To decrease the severity and frequency of attacks, not to abort an attack. It is something I have always wanted to try, but unfortunately not something I have access to in my area. This is the sort of treatment where you have to be careful of who you choose for the treatment; certifications and even recommendations.

Acupuncture beats aspirin for chronic headache: Scientific American

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I thought butterbur was for skin? learn somthin every day...

Standardized butterbur extract Petadolex®—herbal approach to migraine prophylaxis

The development of a standardized extract of the rhizome of butterbur (Petasites hybridus) has led to a new clinical approach to the management of migraine headache. Two clinical trials with a standardized CO2 extract (Petadolex[R], Weber & Weber International GmbH & Co., Germany) have successfully demonstrated the extractis ability to safely and effectively reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.....

... The leaves, rhizome, and roots of butterbur contain a mixture of eremophilan-type sesquiterpenes consisting primarily of petasin and isopetasin. (4) According to phytotherapy textbooks, petasin and isopetasin have both spasmolytic and analgesic actions. (5) These active constituents also inhibit leukotriene synthesis, which may also contribute to butterburis antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory actions. (6)

FindArticles - Standardized butterbur extract Petadolex®—herbal approach …

Apply directly to your head... right on that migraine spot

Yeah, found that super annoying, migraine inducing commercial on u-tube. So I thought I would inflict on you how annoying it is. Nevertheless, I have not tried the product, so it may very well do something good (some of those topical treatments with eculystus for example are nice). I'm just saying, so very annoying. Anything is worth a try, even though I do hold this commercial against them.

Miles for migraines Walk or Run

This is great news. Always throught there should be a walk for migraines (or FMS too really) for awareness and now there is. Miles for Migraines.

It is in the states, so will not be getting there myself. But still go if you can, donate if you can. I gave a bit myself. Every bit counts.

Date and Time: December 7, 2008. Start time is 9 a.m.

Location: Start begins at 55 Music Concourse Drive between the DeYoung Museum and the California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.
Miles for Migraines Site

Rhymes with eggplant... Telcagepant!

In this article in Healthy Daily it discuses a new migraine abortive. Sounds exciting really. New research into the anatomy of a migraine has led to different angles to attack the problem.

Telcagepant is from a different class, called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) antagonists. It's believed that brain concentrations of CGRP are elevated during a migraine. CGRP antagonists don't seem to have blood vessel narrowing properties and, therefore, may not carry the same cardiovascular-related risks as triptans.

the pain and associated symptoms of migraine were thought to be caused by problems in brain blood vessels. But over the past 15 years, research has begun to change our understanding of the causes of migraine. New studies suggest that migraine may instead be a disorder of the nervous system. Certain small chemical messengers in the brain, including one known as calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP), have been identified as potential mediators of migraine pain. New res…


One way to test a new abortive is during peak migraine week of the month... as in, nasty killer hormonal migraine week. Any negative side effects will crop up from using an abortive for the maximum amount per week. I did not really notice much of a negative effect. No sudden abrupt heaviness in the chest, breathing problems and astham attacks. I have been getting chest pain, but more that vascular constriction chest pain rather than the I-cant-breath-chestpain, or the angina chest pain. Kind of a side effect that does not overtly worry me after years of experience with triptans. The other side effect that was quite noticeable is the sort of light headed buzz that comes with this, so you don't really want to be rushing around right after, and if you do, your heart hammers hard. Any medication that makes you a little woozy you gotta watch. The third side effect is the most troublesome and potentially dangerous. Last night, after taking only two (out of the potential six) ta…


Cafergot is an ergotamine abortive. Old school really. I took it the first time today and did not have the 'i cant breath side effect' so that is a good sign. Did well with the migraine which is good cause I needed a break from the T3s. It caused some nausea, but not so much when you take it with an anti-nausea med. In other words, good, cause I would like to maintain this plateau of health I have achieved and need a triptan to do that, preferably one that does not make me triple my asthma med to keep up with the breathing problems.


I would like to share a OTC med I discovered while in Scotland called Migraleve. It comes in two variations; the pink and the yellow. The pink is designed to treat migraine pain as well as nausea and is what you would take first at the sign of a migraine. The yellow is similar, but without the nausea treatment and is designed to take if the pink one does not work. The pink has Paracetamol (which I believe is Tylenol or a variation there of), Codeine (which why while over the counter a person cannot purchase too much and certainly should not take regularly. However, only 8mg rather than say 30 as in the case of T3s) and Buclizine (which is an antihistamine with anti-nausea properties). I often find taking Tylenol put with a mild opiate pain killer works better, more mild on the system. In this case, with the anti-nausea agent I think this pill would be effective, more effective than say taking extra strength Tylenol and better on the stomach than combining Tylenol with an anti-i…


I am all for sleeping pills. With FMS I have always had unrestorative sleep, delayed onset insomnia and frequent night time waking. Sleep deprivation is not good on the body and so not good for chronic migraines. So when my doc prescribed Zopiclone for insomnia, in order to help with the chronic migraines, I was very glad. I never found it to be a strong medication, all on its own. Maybe a good 4-5 hours of sleep, no morning grogginess andI would fall asleep within an hour after taking it.

Yet I wonder if the side effects of this med may be making me have more sleeping problems. One being that whole night time twitching spasm thing... like super intense restless leg syndrome. I would just be falling asleep when my leg would twitch or violently kick, waking me up again. Or my shoulder or my neck. Can I blame that on a side effect? Who knows, just know I did not do that before, but have been for at least a year now.

And I get the most terrifying and realistic nightmares. I neve…

Had to go to the ER...

Well, I did not have to, but I thought I should. I thought I should waste three hours in a waiting room instead of working. That is so much my perfect day. *weary sarcasm* Anyway, this is the story... Before we left Glasgow I had a monster migraine (one of those extremely motion sensitive hard to kill types), which made things a painful haze really, but I was thankful it chose to hit on the very end of my vacation and really inevitable it was going to come. But then at home jet lag hit me hard. Messed up my sleep schedule and such, which of course is begging for another migraine. And so I had a migraine Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today. And as usual when I get so many days of migraines I did my best to balance which medications I used, but I was super tired and I must have used the Axert for more of those days than I remember. And me and triptans have a fragile relationship, but Axert has been quite good, so long as I do not use it too many days in a row.

Today I came home …

In Glasgow

Well it is abit into our trip now and things are going smoothly and we are having a blast. I am dragging Martin to every historical site around. Funny enough I had no jet lag at all, cause when you take in the time difference, it actually set me to a normal sleeping pattern... as in tired at night and up in the morning. The plane ride actually gave me a migraine and made my chest ache, but other than that I have had no troubles really. Some easily managed migraines is about it. And it is always cloudy here, which obviously I like. I think the Lyrica must actually be doing something for the FMS pain, cause there is no way I could trek across a city and up hills and through castles before without being slowly crippled by pain. The asthma has also been pretty good, considering I keep forgetting to take my inhaler. Although when we were climbing the hill to Sterling castle I needed a puff and that night my lungs ached with a pretty nasty pain, so maybe too much exersize for me wit…

Now that the beast is tamed go after the menstrual related migraines

Another recent study examined the relation
between the menstrual cycle and migraine characteristics.
Migraine headache was reported to be significantly
more severe, disabling, and frequent during the menstrual
intervals of the reproductive cycle than during
the midluteal or midcycle intervals.

Treatment options- an interesting information package regarding treatment protocals.

Those of us with menstrual related migraines so know what he is talking about. Most women are not pleased with the whole process as it is; PMS, bloating, mood swings and cramps. Not fun by any means and can be severe. You add in migraines to the mix and it is dibilitating quickly. Nausea, vomiting, severe migraines that sometimes are continuous for days and harder by far to treat.

Those of us with chronic migraines know migraines come mild, moderate, sever and crippling in regards to pain... and even sometimes without pain but many symptoms. These hormonally triggered ones come in severe and crippling. Such tha…

What good timing

I am feeling so much better, now the preventaive plus glasses are working, and stomach virus over. And perfect timing since holiday to Scotland is coming up soon. Now, I am not the best traveller at the best of times, so you want to start off in good shape to begin with. And then pack like a hundred little things that you might need just in case. And reading my Scotland to Dummies. Should be good.

Conversation with my migraine

I rule

You suck

I cause mental fog until you cant think straight. Even can't speak.

I get....uh... rounds that thing that causes the haxyness... what?

I give you debilitating pain

Ouchy, ouchy AHHHHHH. You win. I beg for mercy

Sorry, right out of mercy. Suck it up.

You suck

Victory is mine!

Finally, feeling up to par

The nausea has decreased for the most part. If that was a virus, then so not a fun one. Could be that one from bad meat that has been in the news, since there was certainly the right symptoms, severity and duration. If it was because of the stomach inflamation and that one measly anti-inflammatory I took two weeks ago, well, so learned my lesson.

Migraine wise I have been feeling awesome. Two days in a row without a migraine, and the few days before that nothing that could not be handled with one Axert. So Lyrica dosage good and apparently wearing glasses also good.

Still I have had to deal with the migraine aura haze for the two days I did have a migraine, which normally is just annoying. But we are very short staffed at work, on both sides of the office, which means I am three times as busy on mine. I have not had a moments break in the last four days, just constant work. Makes the day go by very fast, but when the sludge of a migraine aura hit, I did make two easy mistakes, w…

Hmm... surprising this does not happen more often

Car crash explained by migraine. Ignoring the sparkles, warps and blotches of light, a migraine aura can cause some visual problems. Double vision, blurred vision, hazy vision, fatigued eyes, tunnel vision, problems with depth perception. Plus, any problems you have with your eyes can get worse. Plus sometimes you forget the rules of the road, or confuse left with right, brake with gas. So, amzaing we are not all crashing into trees. Some days you just do not drive, which is just common sense. But these problems can be sudden. Personally I seem to be accumulating different shades of sun glasses and perscription glasses witn anti-glare, anti-fatigue and such.

So far the only thing I hit with my car was the house... which is a rather big stationary object, but my brain was all confused. I did not realize I was that close to the house, until the scraping noise... then realizing I was scraping against the house I messed up trying to correct this... and thus snapped my mirror righ…

Hypomania, mood swings and manic migraines.

Hypomania pretty much describes a manic migraine aura to a T. So I suppose 'mood swings' within a migraine aura are quite the neurological phenomnia rather than say, a normal response to pain. I have always said that depression is inevitable with chronic pain. Who would not get the occasional bout of true depression with unmanaged pain? I would find it odd if someone did not. So I have never thought of it as a symptom on its own, rather a side effect of pain. But, you have to be aware of the deep swings that can come before, during, after a migraine... and you are aware they are too intense, too unfounded, to be normal. Those ones are from the migraine neurlogical mix, not from coping with chronic pain. Which leads to the manic migraine. You are also aware of its furious intensity. The overt chattiness, unrealistic good mood, hieghtened energy and productivity. I have never found that elated mood and nervous energy to be a bad thing. Helps you get through the day. But it is ab…

The Nausea, vision and discomfort

I cannot comprehend a person can be so nauseated for no reason. No reason I can fathom. I have been feeling absolutely ill the last few days, not as violently ill as last week, but constant. Prevents me from having any desire to eat, and when I do, well, I regret that imensely. A whole lot of tums. Anti-nausea meds. And still not much relief. Since, migraine wise, I have been all right, I have to assume I might actually be sick with some minor but insanely irritating virus. Or my digestive sysmtem is still ticked I took one anti-inflammatory, which I suppose is the more likely. Either way, sometimes the nausea gets intense. I almost felt like I would pass out last night, swooning from pure nausea.

My specs seem to be helping. In fact, they are rather stunning. Because of the design, some anti-fatige something or other, they seem to diffuse light, so that my light sensativity is greatly diminished. Everything is so very sharp and defined. Most amazing would be that is giv…

Job interview, migraine fog and bad word days

I find bad word days to be annoying... like my brain is stuttering and simply cannot find words. Which leads to trailing sentences, inability to name objects and word substitutions. Word substitutions can be quite amusing and you have to wonder how the brain came up with the choice, as semantically totally off the mark but rhythmically rather similar. Half the time people hear what they expect you to day and don't even catch it when you say something similar, but when they do, not a big deal and even worthy of a giggle or two. Inability to name objects just makes conversations a little longer as you use descriptors to describe the common place object your brain forgot the name of. Trailing sentences, when your brain forgets what it was saying or how to say it, can be a little more problematic. I tend to shift the conversation, or what I was saying, or where I am looking, in order to jump start it back on track.

Today was a bad day for the verbal migraine symptoms, more so w…

Migraine Inhaler

New migraine abortives are big news in the chronic migraine world. Check out This article on Migraine Connect about a migraine inhaler. Faster acting abortives are always to be desired, it was just a matter of time before someone devloped this sort of release system. Likely, with the whole asthma thing and tritpan causing asthma thing, this will not be my thing. But still, good news.

"To hate, to love, to think, to feel, to see; all this is nothing but to perceive." - David Hume

Existence is perception. Everything is relative, including time and space. I of all people, should be a firm believer in this. Why, you ask? Well, because being in pain is different than Being in pain, as in there is no being without pain. Of course the pain is There, isn't it? Without any behavior give aways you would not be able to tell I am in pain, but I percieve it and so it is real. You do not, so it is not real to you. Yet, the pain itself... For Fibromyalgia it is not even any injury to the muscles, it is just a misfiring in the brain, where it constantly gives the signal of pain, without injury. Oh, that fiesty brain mocking me with experiences of pain. Similarly, with migraines, one often asumes pain is the migraine. However, pain is but a symtpom and your brain itself does not have nerves to experience pain, but, man, does it ever make a show of its over activity.

Migraine are full of phantom sensations. I see the sky raining with sparkles of white, golde…

Killer migraine peak

My killer migraine week peaked on Thursday and so I am on the tail end of the storm. Thursday was some type of hell though. Mostly because I woke up real early in a whole lot of pain. All very intense and specifially located pain, severely aggravated by movement. The sort of migraine peak that has very little other symptoms at that point, besides the blinding pain. The sort of migraine that cripples you before you get far enough to think about accomplishing anythihing. Plus I was out of Axert, but then, by then, I should not have taken it anyway, as I had the three days prior. And so I beat the migraine down with T3s all day long, that very long all day long. The T3s, simply enabled me to function and I could walk and move my head, as long as I make no abrupt movements and the pain just remained sharp and specifically located two inches into my brain one inch about the eye on the left side... so specific I could point to it on a cat scan if need be. And yet I was all smiles a…

Migraine Expressions Book

Is Awesome! I have not finished reading through it yet but it is wonderful. The artwork is vivid and sometimes even tormented. I tend not to like poetry, or I should say know what I like. The poetry I have read so far is full of imagery and compositions that really show a connection. I absolutely love some of them. The essays, so far are very interesting. One has the perspective of a woman living with a man who has chronic migraines, which was very revealing to me... as she had described is a pain she cannot reach, cannot sympathize and must let him handle it... and that he forgets conversations, his personality is muted and he is an absence of what he was.

I have enountered people already, via the blogsphere who have there copies and everyone is impressed with it. No one has mentioned my entertaining essay "To all those with Migraines: I too share your brain cramps", on pages 28-30. It is good for a giggle trust me.

Anyway, thise does bridge that gap of personal experiences a…

Migraine nightmares, sleep paralysis and freaking myself out

I must have been around twenty-two-ish when I had my first sleep paralysis experience, which given my persistent innate insomnia is surprizing. I had been told it was because of sleep deprivation, but really how can a chronic insomniac be any more sleep deprived than they already are? Nonetheless it is a distrubed sleep pattern. A disturbing sleep pattern indeed. In-of-itself it is bad enough. You wake up and you cannot move, you cannot speak and you are trapped there like that for minutes... thrashing without thrashing, screaming without screaming. Not fun. But when it happens a few times and you know that you will shake it off, it is not as bad. Mind you, one of my greatest fears is being in a state like that permanently as a result.

Migraine nightmares are just this occurence, but instead of in the morning, are at night, usually about an hour or so after falling alseep. And you are not immediately aware of it because at first you think you are just waking up briefly, as yo…

Odd symptoms you notice and wonder about...

Ever notice your nails are changing, or have changed, to the point it is likely a symptom or a side effect but what it means and whether it is important is hard to determine. You notice these things when you have a syndrome. Train yourself to be aware of your health, even if you do not mention it or think it is insignificant. In my case, my nails are supper soft (to the point I can flake nail dust off them), they have horizontal ridges now and are pale with the thr white moon part nonexistant on most fingers. My mother thinks I am anemic and while that may be true I cannot speculate on how or why I became so, or if it just a passing thing. Anyway, here is some nail health info:

Disorders that show up in the nails

Nail changes may signify a number of disorders elsewhere in the body. These changes may indicate illness before any other symptoms do. Here are some of the most common problems with nails and their association with health ailments.

Pale nails can indicate a liver or k…

Allergic to Exercise

You can in fact be allergic to exercise. And if anyone asks, I have the allergy. So badly, that I will in fact go out of my way to not prove it. Check out this blog article Allergic to Exercise. I do wheeze from things like leaving the house and moving, so my allergy to exercise must indeed be strong. I would say it should be avoided just in case.

Things I am also allergic to:

1) annoying people

2) people

4) work

5) thinking too hard

6) leaving the house

And so I do endevour to avoid people, work, thinking and leaving the house... and when I win the lottery I will do so. Unfotunately, money is allergic to me.

You think I would get used to the routine...

Hormonal migraines are not a surprise... they are a guaranteed trigger. The worst by far. It is just a matter of when they begin and how long they last... or I suppose I should say 'it', because it is honestly just one big migraine. You have to juggle that fine line of medications in order to get through the work week, without rebounding or getting too ill. Thankfully with the Lyrica decreasing the daily migraines, I do not end up with a two week migraine hell from the hormonal trigger. In fact, I do not really get the intense migraines the week prior, as I usually do. I do get acute migraines during though, and with the usual bad PMS, I feel very ill from them.

And they are acute migraines, and not easy to treat. They are also very sudden, no pre-headache warning.... and my aura is not a warning since it goes haywire. The only real warning is a case of heavy fatigue Friday morning, but that just gave me one big case of the stupids for the first few hours of the day …

Huh, something I did not want to know...

Here are the symtpoms of Lyme Disease symptoms... you might note some very familiar neurological symtpoms associated with migraines and well the whole list looks like FMS. I had always assumed that the one benifit of living in Canada, and freezing my butt off for half the year, is that the cold killed all the nasty bugs and it was not an enviroment for certain bugs (killer bees for one... they freak me out... and lyme carrying ticks for another. Then I read this article that a dog had ticks (what? Ticks on a dog... no way) but this ticks tested positive for Lyme disease, even in the area I live in. Then comes this article in the Edmonton Journal about a protest for misdiagnosis of Lyme disease... such that there are more people with it and it is not being diagnosed properly.

I had long since crossed off Lyme disease for a possible over all reason for all my symptoms, all my individual diagnosis. I wonder about Lupus and such... more so because I seem to be getting works and FMS is …

maybe not useful, but special and quirky, which counts for somethin..

Useful advice really...

*Rawr* I am Frankenstein

I felt a little like Frankenstein today. Lumbering, speaking incoherently, scaring small children. But also in the sense that he is charged up with electrical energy... which is a lot like my brain, spiking with energy, causing one part to misfire and the other part to grind to a halting stop. I wish I could hit the reboot on it. I had several ice pick headaches today... brief shards of stabbing pain, which felt like an energy surge, like sticking a battery to your tongue to jump start you brain (not that I would recommend that). Poor Frankenstein, it aint his fault his neural pathways are all shot.

Wii wow

I got myself a Wii. The guys have a serious obsession with material toys. So we have the newest playstation and X-box. I had a little game cube which I played once every six months for a few days until I got bored and went back to reading. I do not have the mindset to play video games. So we got the Wii more so because it was the one system we did not have and because I was worn down until I thought it might be interesting.

It comes with a Sports game and you can play baseball, tenis, boxing, golf and bowling. But if you know anything about the Wii then you will know it is not slouching back on the couch and pushing buttons in the right sequence. No, it is standing in front of the TV, with the controler, swing and punching. So it is far more interactive. I love the bowling and just like in real life I have a wicked curve ball. I absolutely love the boxing... dodging and uppercuts... so, so much fun and hilarious to watch.

I do not know if it would count a exersize to anyon…

Migraine Expressions

The collection 'Migraine Expressions' viewing my insightful and humorous article 'To all those with migraines: I too share your mind cramps' will be available mid July. I think I will buy one of the pre-order copies cause I am so excited to see what all that hard work and how it came out. The samples on the site look very good. I love migraine artwork, so it will be awesome.

Here is the site: Migraine Expressions

It'l be awesome, so buy up a copy.

Children With Migraine At Increased Risk Of Sleep Disturbances

Adults too and count me in... chronic insomnia from birth.

The study found the children with migraine were twice as likely as the other children in the study to have sleep apnea, otherwise known as sleep disordered breathing, which involves repeated arousals from sleep because the upper airway for breathing has been obstructed. Sleep disordered breathing was found in 56 percent of children with migraine versus 30 percent of children with non-migraine headache.

Severe migraine was also associated with shorter total sleep time, longer total time to fall asleep, and shorter REM sleep, which is the stage of sleep in which most dreams can be recalled.

Medical news

Migraine Increases Risk Of Severe Skin Sensitivity And Pain

An article on yet another symptom of a migraine. Although it is intersting. I get a lot of overly sensative skin, but I would assume that was the FMS, like I hurt so bad my skin hurts sort of thing.

People with migraine are more likely to experience exacerbated skin sensitivity or pain after non-painful daily activities such as rubbing one's head, combing one's hair and wearing necklaces or earrings, compared to people with other types of headache, according to a study published in the April 22, 2008, issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Medical news

Migraine epilepsy

Individuals with one disorder are at least twice as likely to have the other.1,4–7 Comorbid disease presents challenges in both differential diagnosis and concomitant diagnosis.8 When diseases are comorbid, the principle of diagnostic parsimony does not apply. Individuals with one disorder are more likely, not less likely, to have the other.Epilepsy proffesionals

This is intersting, I had no idea they were comorbid. It makes sense since what occurs with a migraine, the excitation fo neurons, is similar but less severe than what occures during a seizure. Always interesting to know what is going on in your brain. I looked up because of the muscle jerks, sometimes quite violent, which I attribute to either FMS or migraines, but wish they were not there.

The third study suggests that even though migraine and epilepsy are clearly different syndromes, they both cause paroxystic neurological phenomena. The frequency of epilepsy in patients with migraine and migraine in those with epileps…

Hmm... uncomfortable

What an entirely ackward day at work today. Ever get the feeling that people have a secret they are not willing to tell you? And you know it is usually a bad one. I had that feeling all day today. I seriously think my job is in jepordy, no matter how I struggle play by the rules... the problem is my head disagrees and taking all those meds just pushes me to the limits, and so I disapoint and worse it looks bad. No matter that no one was willing to accomadate me when I returned to work, as a full time employee it just looks bad. Someone from another branch, that used to work at ours, heard about the two days last week I missed... which made me wonder why this is big gossip, but at least she comprehends what I am going through and recommendeds I talk to HR to save my butt. And I agree. I really, really should. Another co-worker asked if I had called in sick on Thursday, which implied the boss lady said I did not... and I did, I am sure that I did, but I cannot recall what I sai…

Found a good blog... for those with FMS

I really don't talk about Fibromyalgia a lot on this blog, but that is because it is just a fluctuating mass of symptoms and shifting pain. Don't get me wrong, it is the root of all evil and when several of those symtptoms rise up at once it is pure hell. But a tolerable hell, as long as I do nothing to poke the sleeping bear. While chronic migraines, well, they stop me from doing anything, including such necessities as working. I should not forget the triggers over lap, the my sensativity to light, sound, scents are all because of the FMS, and then trigger a migraine. And sometimes I am brainless because of a migriane and sometimes fibrofog... so difficult to tell the difference really. Anyway, I generally do not talk about it at all, because it is difficult to explain, people don't get it and if I can get away with 'passing' for healthy, then it is just easier for us all. It leads to a reluctance to discuss new symptoms with doctors as well, because you th…

Knowing your options, when work is not one of them...

Back in the day, I was working for a company that did not have benifits and was not willing to accomadate my increasing chronic migraine issue. Understandably, I was distraught. Thankfully, my doctor at the time thought it prudent I take a leave of absence from work in order to find proper treatment. So number one when you find yourself in this spot, is having a doctor that is willing to fill out the paperwork and also believes you should have a medical leave. So without benifits from an employer you have the option, as a Canadian, to go on medical unemployment leave. It is not 100% of what you made, but it is something.

Service Canada link to medical leave

Then there is Canada Pension Plan (CPP) for peoples with disabilities. "CPP Disability is part of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). It is designed to provide financial assistance to CPP contributors who are unable to work because of a severe and prolonged disability." This is a bit tricky though and never tried going on …

Twisted migraine dreams

I am in peak migraine mode right now, and with work being so utterly lovely, it makes for a pain filled day. So when I get home I usually crash from migraine burn out and some feeble attempt to sleep it off. However, I don't sleep it off, if I can sleep I end up with migraine induced dreams. Today, I came home just drained and instead of going to the local fair with my bf I took a two hour nap. And as usual when I dream with a migraine, the dream has to do with pain, often expressing itself in a violent dream, a choatic dream, or lately (maybe cause of my chipper mood) dreams about intense migraine symptoms. Today I dreamed my fingers were so swollen I could not move them and then I had a severe asthma attack, dying and gasping for air as a RN arrived to think I was 'over reacting'... it was unpleasant, because it expresses how horrible you can feel without getting any help for it. Yesterday night, I had some issues sleeping all together, and then had a dream that I …

What a fricken day

I did get some good news today; my test results came out spiffy and so my stomach pain is essentially aggravated digestive issues triggered by the anti-inflammatory and because of the FMS my system does not rebound like someone else's would. So since the ulcer med is helping, I will stay on it. Other than that, the pain should simmer down as long as I watch my diet. So that is good. No bleeding holes in my belly. I will get a ultrasound to make sure everything is still where it ought to be, but he said it does not sound like anything else given the type of pain and general location. I am good with that.... pain, temporary, good. And he said my thyroid count is back on track, so the new dosage should be perfect.

What ruined my day from the get-go was a meeting with the boss lady. I understand I have missed too many days. No one gets that more than me, but let me tell you they were not fricken holidays for me. So point to her. I can't argue against the facts, but I ha…