Migraines and lighting

Well we all know fluorescent light are evil. There was something in the news about them in regards to class rooms and productiveity of employees. And from a chronic mingraine perspective they are a trigger, a trigger that is in our enviroment that we cannot readily change. What employer is going to put that much money into changing their lighting for one staff member? Sure there is research that shows it causes stress, fatigue, headaches and more illness in quite a few people, but such studies really do not play into causing anyone to do anything about it. Frankly, if I had my way I would work with sunglasses on in an office with dim, indirect lighting.

"Fluorescent lights are certainly troublesome for some form of migraine and epilepsy. If you are disturbed by them - stay away or change the type of light. You are right about the frequencies - they aggravate brain waves, causing a photic response in the EEG (I used to work in an EEG department). Photic stimulation was one of the ways to elicit the migraine response, or even cause an epileptic fit."

Fluorescent light suck
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