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Doctors appointments... never simple

I went to the doc today... because Im feeling like crap and I have been procrastinating on seeing him anyway. Chronic migraines means chronic doc visits, which gets on everyones nerves. Anyway, I have been feeling rough, under the weather, in a non specific way. Extreme hot flashes, leg pain, chest pains, dry skin... so like what is up with that? Well, nothing to do with migraines, which have been behaving themselves respetably since I got rid of that status migraine. He suspects my illish feeling is because I am on too my thyroid med, as in my last lest results had my number being off. I suspect he is right. Easy to fix, he just lowered my dosage. He does not think I really even need to be on it, as I am on a very low dose now... but I don't want to mess with it, since I am highly symptomatic with that, and rather not rock the boat. But that will get rid of the leg pain, temp issues, heart fluctuations and such. However, the chest pains are a different beast alltogether... I am aware it is not heart pain, as it is not specific enough and well, if you had chest pains for hours a day from your heart, I suspect you would be deadish. I mentioned when I lay down the pain spreads to my entire left torso, very specfic to my stomach... and my stomach is sore. He thinks that suspected ulcer is in fact an ulcer and may be worse that he had thought... so back on the ulcer med, thankfully, but also have to go for a barium test, which if you have ever tasted that stuff is not fun. But it does not appear like my stomach is healing itself. So funny that it was the anti-inflammatories that caused these stomach problems to begin with. Now I cant even take OTC advil or apirin.... which work a whole lot better for moderate migraines than tyanol and such. Anyway, my stomach does hurt and I think that pain is what is radiating upward, and so that needs to be fixed. So I am never 'just sick', like some virus that will pass, it is always such and such a condition and such and such a side effect of the med they put me on for said condition.
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