Wii wow

I got myself a Wii. The guys have a serious obsession with material toys. So we have the newest playstation and X-box. I had a little game cube which I played once every six months for a few days until I got bored and went back to reading. I do not have the mindset to play video games. So we got the Wii more so because it was the one system we did not have and because I was worn down until I thought it might be interesting.

It comes with a Sports game and you can play baseball, tenis, boxing, golf and bowling. But if you know anything about the Wii then you will know it is not slouching back on the couch and pushing buttons in the right sequence. No, it is standing in front of the TV, with the controler, swing and punching. So it is far more interactive. I love the bowling and just like in real life I have a wicked curve ball. I absolutely love the boxing... dodging and uppercuts... so, so much fun and hilarious to watch.

I do not know if it would count a exersize to anyone else, but for me it was a workout. I can't play for too long. I start shaking and tembling and aching... just like I would if I do any activity for long. The FMS always makes itself known that way, but it also means that I am doing something, it is a bit of a workout for someone like me and it is also fun and does not require me actually leaving the house. Since I played Saturday and Sunday, my arms and shoulders are aching and will ache more tommrorow. But I had been looking for something like this... to ease my muscles into more activity. So I love that game... it may not be the most complex, or like any other, but it wildly fun. And it is super cool.
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