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You think I would get used to the routine...

Hormonal migraines are not a surprise... they are a guaranteed trigger. The worst by far. It is just a matter of when they begin and how long they last... or I suppose I should say 'it', because it is honestly just one big migraine. You have to juggle that fine line of medications in order to get through the work week, without rebounding or getting too ill. Thankfully with the Lyrica decreasing the daily migraines, I do not end up with a two week migraine hell from the hormonal trigger. In fact, I do not really get the intense migraines the week prior, as I usually do. I do get acute migraines during though, and with the usual bad PMS, I feel very ill from them.

And they are acute migraines, and not easy to treat. They are also very sudden, no pre-headache warning.... and my aura is not a warning since it goes haywire. The only real warning is a case of heavy fatigue Friday morning, but that just gave me one big case of the stupids for the first few hours of the day (thank god for my decreased hours at work, since this is when I would have been late, without knowing how I ended up late) And the pain is insanely sharp. It is very specific, intense, but then radiates outward, even down my face, jaw or neck. And with the Axert taking twenty minutes or more to do anything, if anything, the sudden attacks mean immediate treatment with a T3 or OTC meds, just to get to the point of the Axert working. However, on Thursday and Friday I discovered that the Axert works very well, when not used frequently, it just does not work for very long. It does not have the duration of some other Triptans, and thus does not really abort the migraines, but rather delay it a bit. Overall I 'managed' it fairly well, but it got ahead of me a few times. And with a unending streak of migraines like this, there is not much you can do, in fact you have to push yourself through any pain that is not acute so you are not over using any medication.

And so not fun when you cannot use anti-inflammatories. Sure wish my stomach would heal enough for just a little Advil or something. Naturally PMS is a moody time, but when you add acute migraines into the mix... makes me temperamental, even volatile... mostly bouts of irrational anger (which thankfully I do not voice) and bouts of heightened energy (which other than making me extremely chatty and spontaneous are not too bad). But always emotionally unpredictable, thankfully since I am not really emotionally emotive this is not a hardship to anyone else, but it does make me feel very off center.

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