Now that the beast is tamed go after the menstrual related migraines

Another recent study examined the relation
between the menstrual cycle and migraine characteristics.
Migraine headache was reported to be significantly
more severe, disabling, and frequent during the menstrual
intervals of the reproductive cycle than during
the midluteal or midcycle intervals.

Treatment options- an interesting information package regarding treatment protocals.

Those of us with menstrual related migraines so know what he is talking about. Most women are not pleased with the whole process as it is; PMS, bloating, mood swings and cramps. Not fun by any means and can be severe. You add in migraines to the mix and it is dibilitating quickly. Nausea, vomiting, severe migraines that sometimes are continuous for days and harder by far to treat.

Those of us with chronic migraines know migraines come mild, moderate, sever and crippling in regards to pain... and even sometimes without pain but many symptoms. These hormonally triggered ones come in severe and crippling. Such that it is pretty darn easy to tell all the times I have gone to the ER for a migraine I could not kill and was killing me, it was these ones.

Long before my migraines became chronic, they were exclusively these hormonal migraines, or pure menstrual migraines. And still I have a hard time managing them. They hit so fast, so painful and with other symptoms that make me feel like I have the flu. Without any treatment I used to have them so bad I could go from upright to excruciating pain in 2.5 seconds.

For me, things had improved when I was put on a triptan that was not in pill form, but rather something that got into me fast before I became too ill. Likewise, an anti-inflammatory that was rapid release, for the severe cramps but also for the migraine treatment before and after the hormonal cycle.

However, what is a girl to do without anti-inflammatories? The last time I slipped and used on (see my posts below) I was so sick I was vomiting blood (that sounds really bad... and I suppose it cant be good, but seriously was not as bad as it sounds). So, really, a no no now. Which means I end up juggling medication and often using too much just to get through it. So better off than with nothing, but this is a monthly battle and I need an effective strategy. I was thinking of doing the one where you take a triptan ahead of time and for a few days as a preventive strike, but will have to ask if the triptan I am using can be used so. The preferred one I have heard mention is Amerge... but unless I want continuous breathing problems not an option for me.

What good timing

I am feeling so much better, now the preventaive plus glasses are working, and stomach virus over. And perfect timing since holiday to Scotland is coming up soon. Now, I am not the best traveller at the best of times, so you want to start off in good shape to begin with. And then pack like a hundred little things that you might need just in case. And reading my Scotland to Dummies. Should be good.

Conversation with my migraine

I rule

You suck

I cause mental fog until you cant think straight. Even can't speak.

I get....uh... rounds that thing that causes the haxyness... what?

I give you debilitating pain

Ouchy, ouchy AHHHHHH. You win. I beg for mercy

Sorry, right out of mercy. Suck it up.

You suck

Victory is mine!

Finally, feeling up to par

The nausea has decreased for the most part. If that was a virus, then so not a fun one. Could be that one from bad meat that has been in the news, since there was certainly the right symptoms, severity and duration. If it was because of the stomach inflamation and that one measly anti-inflammatory I took two weeks ago, well, so learned my lesson.

Migraine wise I have been feeling awesome. Two days in a row without a migraine, and the few days before that nothing that could not be handled with one Axert. So Lyrica dosage good and apparently wearing glasses also good.

Still I have had to deal with the migraine aura haze for the two days I did have a migraine, which normally is just annoying. But we are very short staffed at work, on both sides of the office, which means I am three times as busy on mine. I have not had a moments break in the last four days, just constant work. Makes the day go by very fast, but when the sludge of a migraine aura hit, I did make two easy mistakes, which were not so easy to fix. I suppose it must be shocking considering I am usually so perfect. Still quite annoying when you have to spend the time fixing an error like that, when you are insanely busy as is, and very bizzaro errors to make as well.

And because I have been ill I have been quite dehydrated and sleepy, but not sleeping well. So today I was a bit blurry in the head this morning and like usual when I get morning grogginess I lose my ability to tell time. Because I no longer have to worry about the Lyrica issues in the morning this means I actually wake up well before I have to get up.. as the sleeping pill wears off about five hours after sleep and after that I do not sleep deeply. So no getting up late problems. I kept waking up thinking it was later than it was. Then the last time I misread the clock, thought I was running late, rushed my butt off to get to work... only to find out I was an hour early. Once I was there it felt rather silly to leave and its not like I did not feel awake, so I stayed. I suppose working an extra hour unpaid is not much of a sacrifice all things considered. And I was able to get some extra work done. Still, felt really stupid about it. Stupid alarm clock.

Hmm... surprising this does not happen more often

Car crash explained by migraine. Ignoring the sparkles, warps and blotches of light, a migraine aura can cause some visual problems. Double vision, blurred vision, hazy vision, fatigued eyes, tunnel vision, problems with depth perception. Plus, any problems you have with your eyes can get worse. Plus sometimes you forget the rules of the road, or confuse left with right, brake with gas. So, amzaing we are not all crashing into trees. Some days you just do not drive, which is just common sense. But these problems can be sudden. Personally I seem to be accumulating different shades of sun glasses and perscription glasses witn anti-glare, anti-fatigue and such.

So far the only thing I hit with my car was the house... which is a rather big stationary object, but my brain was all confused. I did not realize I was that close to the house, until the scraping noise... then realizing I was scraping against the house I messed up trying to correct this... and thus snapped my mirror right off and gouged a hole in the stucco stuff of the housing.

Other than that, I just have issues with clarity of vision which I use glasses and specs for. Then all that remains is the occasional confusion. And my inability to tell left from right, which seems to be a permanent neurological issue now. I think 'right' and go 'left'. I point right and mean left. Someone says go right, I go left. Unless I think about it, and move my hand 'right handed, right side'. Fun stuff.

Hypomania, mood swings and manic migraines.

Hypomania pretty much describes a manic migraine aura to a T. So I suppose 'mood swings' within a migraine aura are quite the neurological phenomnia rather than say, a normal response to pain. I have always said that depression is inevitable with chronic pain. Who would not get the occasional bout of true depression with unmanaged pain? I would find it odd if someone did not. So I have never thought of it as a symptom on its own, rather a side effect of pain. But, you have to be aware of the deep swings that can come before, during, after a migraine... and you are aware they are too intense, too unfounded, to be normal. Those ones are from the migraine neurlogical mix, not from coping with chronic pain. Which leads to the manic migraine. You are also aware of its furious intensity. The overt chattiness, unrealistic good mood, hieghtened energy and productivity. I have never found that elated mood and nervous energy to be a bad thing. Helps you get through the day. But it is abnormal. A reserved person like me does not get that chatty normally. Nor do I shake with repressed energy and edginess, usually. Perhaps the worst would be the spontaneous, ill decisions... which makes for some ackward moments afterwards. I do have an amped up sex drive, just never attributed that do the mania side of the scale, and rather like that.

I wonder at times how people percieve me. Full of humor certainly. Witty sometimes. Other times nervous and shaky. Sometimes forcing a smile, literally, because my mouth twitches. And I get to that edge where it is just a swirl of thoughts and actions, which may be true mania but without the delusions, right before the migraine hits. But the elation makes the migraine pain seem seperate, or motivating me to do Things. Wierd. But does that mean people see me as a nervous excitable person? Or do they see the reserved, respectful, polite person who does not like to be the center of attention and rarely likes company at all? And so people cannot see 'me' beyond the migraines, because they either see the pain in me, in my behaviours, or the befuddled migraine me, or the hazy migraine me or the manic migraine me. It shades every impression made of who I am.

And then I wonder who I really am. If migraines so affect my personality, such that some of my normal behaviors change, then it is changing me. And since all those migraine highs and slumps are a constant thing, then how can I say they are not me now.

The Nausea, vision and discomfort

I cannot comprehend a person can be so nauseated for no reason. No reason I can fathom. I have been feeling absolutely ill the last few days, not as violently ill as last week, but constant. Prevents me from having any desire to eat, and when I do, well, I regret that imensely. A whole lot of tums. Anti-nausea meds. And still not much relief. Since, migraine wise, I have been all right, I have to assume I might actually be sick with some minor but insanely irritating virus. Or my digestive sysmtem is still ticked I took one anti-inflammatory, which I suppose is the more likely. Either way, sometimes the nausea gets intense. I almost felt like I would pass out last night, swooning from pure nausea.

My specs seem to be helping. In fact, they are rather stunning. Because of the design, some anti-fatige something or other, they seem to diffuse light, so that my light sensativity is greatly diminished. Everything is so very sharp and defined. Most amazing would be that is gives me depth perception, something I had not realized was all that bad, but man, you notice with these specs. Such a mild script, not even necessary, but with my eyes, so strained, they help imensely. So they help with the whole pre-migraine, posibly even helping with some triggers from the eye strain and light sensativity. But they do not help with nausea, not at least until I get used to them I suppose... so my balance is off and sometimes I turn my head and the world tilts with me.

Job interview, migraine fog and bad word days

I find bad word days to be annoying... like my brain is stuttering and simply cannot find words. Which leads to trailing sentences, inability to name objects and word substitutions. Word substitutions can be quite amusing and you have to wonder how the brain came up with the choice, as semantically totally off the mark but rhythmically rather similar. Half the time people hear what they expect you to day and don't even catch it when you say something similar, but when they do, not a big deal and even worthy of a giggle or two. Inability to name objects just makes conversations a little longer as you use descriptors to describe the common place object your brain forgot the name of. Trailing sentences, when your brain forgets what it was saying or how to say it, can be a little more problematic. I tend to shift the conversation, or what I was saying, or where I am looking, in order to jump start it back on track.

Today was a bad day for the verbal migraine symptoms, more so when you consider the wonderful mind dulling effect of Lyrica. It meant a lot of typos, bit typos where while I knew what I wrote, no one else would be able to (unless they know short hand, because I tend to omit the vowels for some reason) and I actually forget how to spell, which means a lot of spelling like it sounds. So I tend to ask someone how to spell their name when making an appointment as to avoid errors... which can be amusing in itself if my focus is so off I forget their name the first time they said it and they spell out 'SMITH' for me, giving me a look like I'm a moron, to which I usually reply with a wide grin and 'Ah, just like it sounds'.

Anyway, today I went for a job interview for a job that is exactly what I am looking for... all the ideal components in environment, company policy, activities and location. While I am not actively looking for a job, when an opportunity comes in my area that suits my needs, and my current work situation so unnecessarily stressful, why not go for it. I debated doing so and could have missed the opportunity altogether, but after talking it over with co-workers and consider the fact my current work environment is not really on the up-swing anytime soon... I thought I had best go for it. Normally I do quite well at interviews, but keep in mind this was after work and it is a non-migraine abortive day for me, and a bad word day ta boot and what you get is a rather haphazard interview. I mean, I got my point across, but it took my brain the long way to get there, with a few pauses and such. Usually more on the articulate side and not the impression I want to make, first impression wise. What a missed opportunity if my brain faltering, stuttering med fog makes a difference between me and someone else equally skilled. Thankfully, I am skilled, which helps. Qualified, which helps. Over educated with an obscure degree in philosophy, which while does not help, does not hurt... ah, looks good on paper? Plus the lack of people in these parts. All work to my benefit. It was not as bad as it could have been. I was a bit off, but this employer knows a little bit about being a bit off because of anti-seizure meds, so thank goodness for that. Not everyone understands the array of side effects that come with those things. I naturally informed her of my medical leave and my altered hours, and my problem with Lyrica, precisely in the mornings. Now that my meds are all settled and I am just now balancing on being able to tolerably function again it is not a problem, but said the accommodations she might need for me would likely be altered shifts for the morning due to such side effects. Which is true in any sense. A morning migraine and a new med do not mix well, not until you learn the best effectiveness and pattern. So having altered hours for a short duration, gets you through better than actually missing a whole day. And I suppose now that I am reaching my peak effectiveness (dang asthma for wrecking it) it actually is good timing to start a new job. As I recall I started my last job at a similar time, had found what worked for me and was good to go. Until the asthma... man I hate asthma.... I would not if it had not completely mess up my migraine plan and system.

Point is, it could go either way. Just wish she had seen me at my best. Because of course I think this job would be ideal and fun. It is a new branch, a small branch, which sounds exciting to start a new job at the beginning, when we are all choosing how to change things as they need be, get all organized. Sounds great. So cross your fingers for me, my friends.

Migraine Inhaler

New migraine abortives are big news in the chronic migraine world. Check out This article on Migraine Connect about a migraine inhaler. Faster acting abortives are always to be desired, it was just a matter of time before someone devloped this sort of release system. Likely, with the whole asthma thing and tritpan causing asthma thing, this will not be my thing. But still, good news.

"To hate, to love, to think, to feel, to see; all this is nothing but to perceive." - David Hume

Existence is perception. Everything is relative, including time and space. I of all people, should be a firm believer in this. Why, you ask? Well, because being in pain is different than Being in pain, as in there is no being without pain. Of course the pain is There, isn't it? Without any behavior give aways you would not be able to tell I am in pain, but I percieve it and so it is real. You do not, so it is not real to you. Yet, the pain itself... For Fibromyalgia it is not even any injury to the muscles, it is just a misfiring in the brain, where it constantly gives the signal of pain, without injury. Oh, that fiesty brain mocking me with experiences of pain. Similarly, with migraines, one often asumes pain is the migraine. However, pain is but a symtpom and your brain itself does not have nerves to experience pain, but, man, does it ever make a show of its over activity.

Migraine are full of phantom sensations. I see the sky raining with sparkles of white, golden or violet lights, or so sparked up it looks like a grainy photo. Clearly that is not actually there, but it is what I percieve to be there. In fact, when I was younger and the visual snow was mild, I thought it was normal. I asked my brother what those sparkles you sometimes see in the sky or against a bright background were. He said, he did not know, but saw them too. Therefore reality was confirmed by someone seeing what I saw, but my brother (we now know) is crazy, er, I mean he gets the occasional silent migraine. I used to see those halos around people, in particular a sort of dancing flame of light on their head, and in my teens, I speculated that it was their aura. And maybe it is, I would not be able to tell an aura from the rest of the neuological illusions. I doubt my own perceptions and is easy to doubt them, most people do not doubt there.

And so my eyes decieve me, because I must go on what everyone perceive as to be classify as real. And no one sees all that lightworks. There for not real. But if reality is but my perception, then they are real, they are little alien ships sparking down to land, were we will have billions of little alien colonating in our lawn. Or maybe it is fairies, all the fairies that lost their wings plumment to the ground as little balls of light. But what about a simple color I see as blue and you see as green, which is real. My father had this god-aweful orange shirt, orange as orange can be, and he said it was red. Was he right, were we?

Perception skews how we see reality. Yet I firmly believe there is a reality, but that we cannot perieve as it truly is. As such I believe there is a true states of affairs. That space is not relative. That while with Eistein there is no true frame of reference, only many frames of reference. I believe there is a true frame of reference, using space as not relative. With Einstein we have me in a train and him on the ground. He sees me as moving and himself still. I see the world pass by and I am still, but not being a moron, I know I am moving. Anyway I will not go into the extensive debate about Einstein in this blog. Everyones realty is real, but so is the next and the next.... because perception makes it real for them. But not actually real, actually real is what is actually there.

"Esse est percipi" (To be is to be perceived)-George Berkeley

Berkeley theorized that individuals cannot know if an object is; they can only know if an object is perceived by a mind. He stated that individuals cannot think or talk about an object's being, but rather think or talk about an object's being perceived by someone. That is, individuals cannot know any "real" object or matter "behind" the object as they perceive it, which "causes" their perceptions. He thus concluded that all that individuals know about an object is their perception of it.

And thus it is the idea if you walk out of a room you no longer exist, because you are not longer part of my perceptions. He uses god of the gaps to fill this one:

There was a young man who said "God
Must find it exceedingly odd
To think that the tree
Should continue to be
When there's no one about in the quad."

"Dear Sir: Your astonishment's odd;
I am always about in the quad.
And that's why the tree
Will continue to be
Since observed by, Yours faithfully, God."

Intriguing really. My perceptions say my reality is pain in my head, body and sparkes in the sky, and halos of light. And that is my reality. The brain is a tricky one, but percieving the world as I do, is my world. I won't even mention AIWS cause, in that case, reality is a strange thing indeed. What is real and what is not is relative to the viewer, what is actually real. But we are beings in the world, moving in the world. We are beings of perception and what is beyond that, true reality, is hidden from us and is very debatable.

Killer migraine peak

My killer migraine week peaked on Thursday and so I am on the tail end of the storm. Thursday was some type of hell though. Mostly because I woke up real early in a whole lot of pain. All very intense and specifially located pain, severely aggravated by movement. The sort of migraine peak that has very little other symptoms at that point, besides the blinding pain. The sort of migraine that cripples you before you get far enough to think about accomplishing anythihing. Plus I was out of Axert, but then, by then, I should not have taken it anyway, as I had the three days prior. And so I beat the migraine down with T3s all day long, that very long all day long. The T3s, simply enabled me to function and I could walk and move my head, as long as I make no abrupt movements and the pain just remained sharp and specifically located two inches into my brain one inch about the eye on the left side... so specific I could point to it on a cat scan if need be. And yet I was all smiles and jokes as usual, stunned and bewildered at my ability to move, think and fuction with such pain hunching in my brain... and just thanked god for the painkillers just strong enough to get me through it. Truly amazing.

And so when I woke with no migraine on Friday I was pleasantly surprised. Usually such peak pain comes with a heady follow-up. But nadda. I simply felt tired and cranky all day. Quite cranky really. Extra work load, plus short staffed, plus irritating co-worker/dictator, plus me 'helping out' others while simultanously trying to get through my own actual work... made me in a supper foul mood. As such I did not go to the pharmacy to load up on Axert, because I was tired and grumpy with pure intent on getting away from work, home to my nice cool, dark house. And I made it and this made me happy. Another week done. Yet, still guilty over the fact I failed the battle on Monday. Can't always beat that guilt not when I know how so very disapointed people are in me when I don't win the battle. And so, a little angry at their inability to grasp how amazing it is I can do what I do chonically afflicted with migraines, how utterly useless I would be without daily medication and how inevitable that all the medication in the world cannot help me from time to time. Still cannot hlp but smile, cause lately I may lose the occasional battle but I'm a winning the war. A little less Lyrica, add in some anti-nausea meds and I am better every day. So paint me optimisitic.

Migraine Expressions Book

Is Awesome! I have not finished reading through it yet but it is wonderful. The artwork is vivid and sometimes even tormented. I tend not to like poetry, or I should say know what I like. The poetry I have read so far is full of imagery and compositions that really show a connection. I absolutely love some of them. The essays, so far are very interesting. One has the perspective of a woman living with a man who has chronic migraines, which was very revealing to me... as she had described is a pain she cannot reach, cannot sympathize and must let him handle it... and that he forgets conversations, his personality is muted and he is an absence of what he was.

I have enountered people already, via the blogsphere who have there copies and everyone is impressed with it. No one has mentioned my entertaining essay "To all those with Migraines: I too share your brain cramps", on pages 28-30. It is good for a giggle trust me.

Anyway, thise does bridge that gap of personal experiences and the subjectivity of pain. I saw myself reflected so many times so far. I like that, that others know my experience, have lived it and are surviving it.

This is the
Migraine Expressions Site where you can pre-order, order, preview and check out links.

Migraine nightmares, sleep paralysis and freaking myself out

I must have been around twenty-two-ish when I had my first sleep paralysis experience, which given my persistent innate insomnia is surprizing. I had been told it was because of sleep deprivation, but really how can a chronic insomniac be any more sleep deprived than they already are? Nonetheless it is a distrubed sleep pattern. A disturbing sleep pattern indeed. In-of-itself it is bad enough. You wake up and you cannot move, you cannot speak and you are trapped there like that for minutes... thrashing without thrashing, screaming without screaming. Not fun. But when it happens a few times and you know that you will shake it off, it is not as bad. Mind you, one of my greatest fears is being in a state like that permanently as a result.

Migraine nightmares are just this occurence, but instead of in the morning, are at night, usually about an hour or so after falling alseep. And you are not immediately aware of it because at first you think you are just waking up briefly, as you do a dozen of other times a night. I don't call them migraine nightmares for no reason... I usually have a whopper of a migraine prior to falling asleep and usually the pain is the first thing I notice. Then as I try to adjust my position, the lack of the ability to move is next. Sometimes though it is sneaky and this is where it becomes a true nightmare, terrifying in its creeping sensations. I used to get nightmares when I was younger I called Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. Dreams of normal situations where a person suddenly changes, becoming this demented insane person who usually then attacked me... I needed no therapist to tell me where they came from and as time passed I stopped having them. These nightmares, or night terrors, are similar in a fashion, although I suppose the psychological cause, if there is one, would be different now. I wake up with a presence there, embracing me, holding my hands or some such thing, which is comforting and normal, usually attributed to my bf. And then I am not sure if it is the awareness that I cannot move that makes me feel trapped, the presence of a person entrapping me with not 'evil' intent but very much ill intent, or it is the irrational fear and terror I feel, that changes everything, but the shift is sudden and dramatic. I usually 'wake up' very suddenly, even violently, and unable to get back to sleep because the darkness seems to oppressive and I am freaked out.

I must say that a migraine nightmare without this feeling awake, but not awake, sleep paralysis thing is not nearly as bad. But always during a migraine nightmare, if the nightmare has the enviroment of reality, opposed to so unreal you are not disturbed, they always have a 'feel' about them. Darkness is too dark. It feels like you are being watched, or people are not acting right. That everything feels so wrong, the very wrongness of it is what begins to frighten me, more so than anything that happens, in fact usually, nothing happens except my own awareness that it is not as it should be. One example is a dream I had of my own hallway, but darker than it should be, a creeping darkness that seemed to cling to the walls and a feeling I was not alone... does not seem so bad, but it scared me awake.

Anyway, having decreased my Lyrica and thus that heavy deep sleep, I have been remember many dreams, as you do when you wake up several times at night. And since my sleep pattern is more 'normal' I, apparently, get these freaky nightmares mixed in with the whacky ones. I can totally get how these sleep paralysis hallucinations, back in the day, where considered demons. Common to those stories is waking up with the feeling of someone in the room and the sensation of a crushing pressure in the chest... I have never had the sensation of pressure on the chest, just the feeling of being restrained or trapped, while my mind shakes off the inability to move and supplies me with a nightmarish explination for why I cannot.

I usually love dreaming because I do get some real vivid ones, usually very so unreal and entertaining, usually with characters rather than myself. I find them fasinating and goofy. Migraine nightmares though, are just plain freaky, often just in their intensity, the irrational fear or terror they can have, and their mimicing of reality. Usually when I have a dream of real life, I know I am dreaming. I can lucid dream quite well, but when I become aware I am dreaming, am even changing the dream, I try not to, because I like the flow of where a dream can take you. A migraine nightmare, even though it is so unreal, it feels real. Only a few times did I know I was dreaming, usually when that sense of wrongness I get made me aware it was not real and I would then try and wake myself up. I remember in one I was talking to my bf and brother and telling them it was not real over and over.

"Sleep paralysis is a common condition characterized by transient partial or total paralysis of skeletal muscles and areflexia that occurs upon awakening from sleep or less often while falling asleep. Stimuli such as touch or sound may terminate the episode, which usually has a duration of seconds to minutes. This condition may occur in normal subjects or be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations.

Physiologically, it is closely related to the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is known as REM atonia. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the bodily paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious, but unable to move. In addition, the state may be accompanied by terrifying hallucinations.

Symptoms of sleep paralysis can be either one of the following or a combination:

Paralysis: this occurs after waking up or shortly before falling asleep. the person cannot move any body part, cannot speak, and only has minimal control over blinking and breathing. This paralysis is the same paralysis that occurs when dreaming. The brain paralyzes the muscles to prevent possible injury during dreams, as some body parts may move during dreaming. If the person wakes up suddenly, the brain may still think that it is dreaming, and sustains the paralysis.

Hallucinations: Images or speaking that appear during the paralysis. The person may think that someone is standing beside them or they may hear strange sounds. These may be dreamlike, possibly causing the person to think that they are still dreaming. Often it is reported as feeling a weight on one's chest, as if being underneath a person or heavy object.

These symptoms can last from mere seconds to several minutes (although they can feel like much longer) and can be frightening to the person. There may be some body movement, but it is very unlikely and hard for a person to accomplish."
Myths and facts

Odd symptoms you notice and wonder about...

Ever notice your nails are changing, or have changed, to the point it is likely a symptom or a side effect but what it means and whether it is important is hard to determine. You notice these things when you have a syndrome. Train yourself to be aware of your health, even if you do not mention it or think it is insignificant. In my case, my nails are supper soft (to the point I can flake nail dust off them), they have horizontal ridges now and are pale with the thr white moon part nonexistant on most fingers. My mother thinks I am anemic and while that may be true I cannot speculate on how or why I became so, or if it just a passing thing. Anyway, here is some nail health info:

Disorders that show up in the nails

Nail changes may signify a number of disorders elsewhere in the body. These changes may indicate illness before any other symptoms do. Here are some of the most common problems with nails and their association with health ailments.

Pale nails can indicate a liver or kidney condition or be the result of anaemia.

Deep blue nail beds could show a respiratory obstructive disorder, such as asthma or emphysema.

If the white moon area of the nail turns red, it may indicate heart problems.

Thin split nails may indicate the body is low in vitamin A and /or zinc.

Brittle nails signify possible iron deficiency and thyroid problems, impaired kidney function and circulation problems.

White flecks usually reflect a zinc deficiency (although in pregnant women, this can signify a calcium deficiency). White spots can also be the result of a direct knock to the nail.

Nails that broaden toward the tip and curve downward can indicate respiratory problems.

Flaking, split or chipped nails can result from a shortage of unsaturated fats, protein, calcium or silica in the diet. May also be a result of rough treatment, lengthy immersion in water or an immune related condition.

Deformed concave spoon shaped nails are a sign of iron and/or vitamin B12 deficiency or anaemia.

Flattened nails denote Raynaud's disease.

Isolated dark-blue band in the nail bed, especially in light-skinned people can be a sign of skin cancer.

Bumps on the surface of the nail may be the result of rheumatoid arthritis.

Opaque white bands across dry, brittle or thin nails are likely caused by a deficiency of complete proteins and/or vitamin A and calcium.

Missing moons at the base of the nails with brittle, soft and shiny nails may indicate an overactive thyroid.

Slate blue moons can point to either heavy metal poisoning or lung trouble.

Thickened nails may indicate that the blood is not circulating properly. Sometimes this can also be a sign of thyroid disease.

Ridges - Vertical ridges are usually the result from a calcium or zinc shortage (although can simply be a result of aging or injury to the nail). Very pronounced ridges may be caused by a fungal infection. Both vertical and horizontal ridges on fragile nails can indicate a lack of B vitamins (which predisposes the nails to fungal infection) and also low iron. It can also show kidney problems. Ridges can also indicate a tendency to develop arthritis.

White, soft and crumbly nails that are red at the base indicate fungal infection.

Loose nails Nail hardeners containing formaldehyde can cause nails to separate from the skin underneath if used frequently. This allows germs to enter. Sometimes separated nails can signify a thyroid disorder.

Recurring hangnails (peeling skin alongside the nail) often occurs if hands are immersed in water frequently. An inadequate intake of vitamin C and folic acid also makes one susceptible to hangnails.

Nail biting This habit can stem from tension, anxiety or insecurity, although some practitioners believe an underlying lack of silica can create the urge to bite.

Yellow nails can indicate internal disorders long before other symptoms appear. Some of these include problems with the lymphatic system, respiratory disorders, diabetes and liver problems. Other causes can be from smoking, chlorine from swimming pools and dyes in nail polish can discolour or stain nails. If the discolouration has occurred naturally, it is an indication of poor general health.

Pink nails indicate good circulation."

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