Finally, feeling up to par

The nausea has decreased for the most part. If that was a virus, then so not a fun one. Could be that one from bad meat that has been in the news, since there was certainly the right symptoms, severity and duration. If it was because of the stomach inflamation and that one measly anti-inflammatory I took two weeks ago, well, so learned my lesson.

Migraine wise I have been feeling awesome. Two days in a row without a migraine, and the few days before that nothing that could not be handled with one Axert. So Lyrica dosage good and apparently wearing glasses also good.

Still I have had to deal with the migraine aura haze for the two days I did have a migraine, which normally is just annoying. But we are very short staffed at work, on both sides of the office, which means I am three times as busy on mine. I have not had a moments break in the last four days, just constant work. Makes the day go by very fast, but when the sludge of a migraine aura hit, I did make two easy mistakes, which were not so easy to fix. I suppose it must be shocking considering I am usually so perfect. Still quite annoying when you have to spend the time fixing an error like that, when you are insanely busy as is, and very bizzaro errors to make as well.

And because I have been ill I have been quite dehydrated and sleepy, but not sleeping well. So today I was a bit blurry in the head this morning and like usual when I get morning grogginess I lose my ability to tell time. Because I no longer have to worry about the Lyrica issues in the morning this means I actually wake up well before I have to get up.. as the sleeping pill wears off about five hours after sleep and after that I do not sleep deeply. So no getting up late problems. I kept waking up thinking it was later than it was. Then the last time I misread the clock, thought I was running late, rushed my butt off to get to work... only to find out I was an hour early. Once I was there it felt rather silly to leave and its not like I did not feel awake, so I stayed. I suppose working an extra hour unpaid is not much of a sacrifice all things considered. And I was able to get some extra work done. Still, felt really stupid about it. Stupid alarm clock.
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