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Killer migraine peak

My killer migraine week peaked on Thursday and so I am on the tail end of the storm. Thursday was some type of hell though. Mostly because I woke up real early in a whole lot of pain. All very intense and specifially located pain, severely aggravated by movement. The sort of migraine peak that has very little other symptoms at that point, besides the blinding pain. The sort of migraine that cripples you before you get far enough to think about accomplishing anythihing. Plus I was out of Axert, but then, by then, I should not have taken it anyway, as I had the three days prior. And so I beat the migraine down with T3s all day long, that very long all day long. The T3s, simply enabled me to function and I could walk and move my head, as long as I make no abrupt movements and the pain just remained sharp and specifically located two inches into my brain one inch about the eye on the left side... so specific I could point to it on a cat scan if need be. And yet I was all smiles and jokes as usual, stunned and bewildered at my ability to move, think and fuction with such pain hunching in my brain... and just thanked god for the painkillers just strong enough to get me through it. Truly amazing.

And so when I woke with no migraine on Friday I was pleasantly surprised. Usually such peak pain comes with a heady follow-up. But nadda. I simply felt tired and cranky all day. Quite cranky really. Extra work load, plus short staffed, plus irritating co-worker/dictator, plus me 'helping out' others while simultanously trying to get through my own actual work... made me in a supper foul mood. As such I did not go to the pharmacy to load up on Axert, because I was tired and grumpy with pure intent on getting away from work, home to my nice cool, dark house. And I made it and this made me happy. Another week done. Yet, still guilty over the fact I failed the battle on Monday. Can't always beat that guilt not when I know how so very disapointed people are in me when I don't win the battle. And so, a little angry at their inability to grasp how amazing it is I can do what I do chonically afflicted with migraines, how utterly useless I would be without daily medication and how inevitable that all the medication in the world cannot help me from time to time. Still cannot hlp but smile, cause lately I may lose the occasional battle but I'm a winning the war. A little less Lyrica, add in some anti-nausea meds and I am better every day. So paint me optimisitic.

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