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Odd symptoms you notice and wonder about...

Ever notice your nails are changing, or have changed, to the point it is likely a symptom or a side effect but what it means and whether it is important is hard to determine. You notice these things when you have a syndrome. Train yourself to be aware of your health, even if you do not mention it or think it is insignificant. In my case, my nails are supper soft (to the point I can flake nail dust off them), they have horizontal ridges now and are pale with the thr white moon part nonexistant on most fingers. My mother thinks I am anemic and while that may be true I cannot speculate on how or why I became so, or if it just a passing thing. Anyway, here is some nail health info:

Disorders that show up in the nails

Nail changes may signify a number of disorders elsewhere in the body. These changes may indicate illness before any other symptoms do. Here are some of the most common problems with nails and their association with health ailments.

Pale nails can indicate a liver or kidney condition or be the result of anaemia.

Deep blue nail beds could show a respiratory obstructive disorder, such as asthma or emphysema.

If the white moon area of the nail turns red, it may indicate heart problems.

Thin split nails may indicate the body is low in vitamin A and /or zinc.

Brittle nails signify possible iron deficiency and thyroid problems, impaired kidney function and circulation problems.

White flecks usually reflect a zinc deficiency (although in pregnant women, this can signify a calcium deficiency). White spots can also be the result of a direct knock to the nail.

Nails that broaden toward the tip and curve downward can indicate respiratory problems.

Flaking, split or chipped nails can result from a shortage of unsaturated fats, protein, calcium or silica in the diet. May also be a result of rough treatment, lengthy immersion in water or an immune related condition.

Deformed concave spoon shaped nails are a sign of iron and/or vitamin B12 deficiency or anaemia.

Flattened nails denote Raynaud's disease.

Isolated dark-blue band in the nail bed, especially in light-skinned people can be a sign of skin cancer.

Bumps on the surface of the nail may be the result of rheumatoid arthritis.

Opaque white bands across dry, brittle or thin nails are likely caused by a deficiency of complete proteins and/or vitamin A and calcium.

Missing moons at the base of the nails with brittle, soft and shiny nails may indicate an overactive thyroid.

Slate blue moons can point to either heavy metal poisoning or lung trouble.

Thickened nails may indicate that the blood is not circulating properly. Sometimes this can also be a sign of thyroid disease.

Ridges - Vertical ridges are usually the result from a calcium or zinc shortage (although can simply be a result of aging or injury to the nail). Very pronounced ridges may be caused by a fungal infection. Both vertical and horizontal ridges on fragile nails can indicate a lack of B vitamins (which predisposes the nails to fungal infection) and also low iron. It can also show kidney problems. Ridges can also indicate a tendency to develop arthritis.

White, soft and crumbly nails that are red at the base indicate fungal infection.

Loose nails Nail hardeners containing formaldehyde can cause nails to separate from the skin underneath if used frequently. This allows germs to enter. Sometimes separated nails can signify a thyroid disorder.

Recurring hangnails (peeling skin alongside the nail) often occurs if hands are immersed in water frequently. An inadequate intake of vitamin C and folic acid also makes one susceptible to hangnails.

Nail biting This habit can stem from tension, anxiety or insecurity, although some practitioners believe an underlying lack of silica can create the urge to bite.

Yellow nails can indicate internal disorders long before other symptoms appear. Some of these include problems with the lymphatic system, respiratory disorders, diabetes and liver problems. Other causes can be from smoking, chlorine from swimming pools and dyes in nail polish can discolour or stain nails. If the discolouration has occurred naturally, it is an indication of poor general health.

Pink nails indicate good circulation."

Nail info site

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