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"To hate, to love, to think, to feel, to see; all this is nothing but to perceive." - David Hume

Existence is perception. Everything is relative, including time and space. I of all people, should be a firm believer in this. Why, you ask? Well, because being in pain is different than Being in pain, as in there is no being without pain. Of course the pain is There, isn't it? Without any behavior give aways you would not be able to tell I am in pain, but I percieve it and so it is real. You do not, so it is not real to you. Yet, the pain itself... For Fibromyalgia it is not even any injury to the muscles, it is just a misfiring in the brain, where it constantly gives the signal of pain, without injury. Oh, that fiesty brain mocking me with experiences of pain. Similarly, with migraines, one often asumes pain is the migraine. However, pain is but a symtpom and your brain itself does not have nerves to experience pain, but, man, does it ever make a show of its over activity.

Migraine are full of phantom sensations. I see the sky raining with sparkles of white, golden or violet lights, or so sparked up it looks like a grainy photo. Clearly that is not actually there, but it is what I percieve to be there. In fact, when I was younger and the visual snow was mild, I thought it was normal. I asked my brother what those sparkles you sometimes see in the sky or against a bright background were. He said, he did not know, but saw them too. Therefore reality was confirmed by someone seeing what I saw, but my brother (we now know) is crazy, er, I mean he gets the occasional silent migraine. I used to see those halos around people, in particular a sort of dancing flame of light on their head, and in my teens, I speculated that it was their aura. And maybe it is, I would not be able to tell an aura from the rest of the neuological illusions. I doubt my own perceptions and is easy to doubt them, most people do not doubt there.

And so my eyes decieve me, because I must go on what everyone perceive as to be classify as real. And no one sees all that lightworks. There for not real. But if reality is but my perception, then they are real, they are little alien ships sparking down to land, were we will have billions of little alien colonating in our lawn. Or maybe it is fairies, all the fairies that lost their wings plumment to the ground as little balls of light. But what about a simple color I see as blue and you see as green, which is real. My father had this god-aweful orange shirt, orange as orange can be, and he said it was red. Was he right, were we?

Perception skews how we see reality. Yet I firmly believe there is a reality, but that we cannot perieve as it truly is. As such I believe there is a true states of affairs. That space is not relative. That while with Eistein there is no true frame of reference, only many frames of reference. I believe there is a true frame of reference, using space as not relative. With Einstein we have me in a train and him on the ground. He sees me as moving and himself still. I see the world pass by and I am still, but not being a moron, I know I am moving. Anyway I will not go into the extensive debate about Einstein in this blog. Everyones realty is real, but so is the next and the next.... because perception makes it real for them. But not actually real, actually real is what is actually there.

"Esse est percipi" (To be is to be perceived)-George Berkeley

Berkeley theorized that individuals cannot know if an object is; they can only know if an object is perceived by a mind. He stated that individuals cannot think or talk about an object's being, but rather think or talk about an object's being perceived by someone. That is, individuals cannot know any "real" object or matter "behind" the object as they perceive it, which "causes" their perceptions. He thus concluded that all that individuals know about an object is their perception of it.

And thus it is the idea if you walk out of a room you no longer exist, because you are not longer part of my perceptions. He uses god of the gaps to fill this one:

There was a young man who said "God
Must find it exceedingly odd
To think that the tree
Should continue to be
When there's no one about in the quad."

"Dear Sir: Your astonishment's odd;
I am always about in the quad.
And that's why the tree
Will continue to be
Since observed by, Yours faithfully, God."

Intriguing really. My perceptions say my reality is pain in my head, body and sparkes in the sky, and halos of light. And that is my reality. The brain is a tricky one, but percieving the world as I do, is my world. I won't even mention AIWS cause, in that case, reality is a strange thing indeed. What is real and what is not is relative to the viewer, what is actually real. But we are beings in the world, moving in the world. We are beings of perception and what is beyond that, true reality, is hidden from us and is very debatable.
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