The double edged sword; rebounding

Avoiding the painkiller-overuse rut in migraines

Those pain pills you think help your migraines? Take too many and you could make them worse. Overusing painkillers can spin migraine patients into a rut, spurring more headaches that in turn require more pain medication. A very unlucky fraction even get what's called chronic migraine, where they're in pain more days than not, and new research suggests certain prescription painkillers, including narcotics, increase that risk.

Yes, for those of us with chronic migraines, sucks to be us. Rebounding on meds can be from narcotics (the most often refered to), but it can also be OTC meds, anti-inflammatories and triptans. Everything you use, can cause rebounding. Narcotics are said to be one where it occurs most often. I try to use the three day a week rule, nothing for more than three migraines out of the week. And this works well, except for hormonal migraines and status migraines. But the best plan, is finding an effective preventative.
FDA adds suicide warning to epilepsy

The Food and Drug Administration announcement comes almost a year after the agency first said patients taking the drugs have a slightly higher risk for suicide than those taking dummy pills.

According to the new language, only about 1 in 500 patients face an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior while taking the drugs. The new warning emphasizes that the risks are about the same among all antiseizure drugs.

I am a little suprised it was not already on there. Some of those meds to affect the mood, and if it affects to mood in any way, then it can cause suicidal ideation and incidents. With most of the ones I am on, it is more a positive, or maybe even hypomanic side effect I get. You have to weigh the pros and cons of every med. Naturally any adverse affects on the mood

Acupuncture beats aspirin for chronic headache: Scientific American

All I have to say is that this is hardly surprising. A great deal of things beat OTC aspirin. In this case, acupuncture would be a substitute for a preventative. To decrease the severity and frequency of attacks, not to abort an attack. It is something I have always wanted to try, but unfortunately not something I have access to in my area. This is the sort of treatment where you have to be careful of who you choose for the treatment; certifications and even recommendations.

Acupuncture beats aspirin for chronic headache: Scientific American

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I thought butterbur was for skin? learn somthin every day...

Standardized butterbur extract Petadolex®—herbal approach to migraine prophylaxis

The development of a standardized extract of the rhizome of butterbur (Petasites hybridus) has led to a new clinical approach to the management of migraine headache. Two clinical trials with a standardized CO2 extract (Petadolex[R], Weber & Weber International GmbH & Co., Germany) have successfully demonstrated the extractis ability to safely and effectively reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.....

... The leaves, rhizome, and roots of butterbur contain a mixture of eremophilan-type sesquiterpenes consisting primarily of petasin and isopetasin. (4) According to phytotherapy textbooks, petasin and isopetasin have both spasmolytic and analgesic actions. (5) These active constituents also inhibit leukotriene synthesis, which may also contribute to butterburis antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory actions. (6)

FindArticles - Standardized butterbur extract Petadolex®—herbal approach to migraine prophylaxis
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Oct, 2002, by Donald J. Brown

Apply directly to your head... right on that migraine spot

Yeah, found that super annoying, migraine inducing commercial on u-tube. So I thought I would inflict on you how annoying it is. Nevertheless, I have not tried the product, so it may very well do something good (some of those topical treatments with eculystus for example are nice). I'm just saying, so very annoying. Anything is worth a try, even though I do hold this commercial against them.

Miles for migraines Walk or Run

This is great news. Always throught there should be a walk for migraines (or FMS too really) for awareness and now there is. Miles for Migraines.

It is in the states, so will not be getting there myself. But still go if you can, donate if you can. I gave a bit myself. Every bit counts.

Date and Time: December 7, 2008. Start time is 9 a.m.

Location: Start begins at 55 Music Concourse Drive between the DeYoung Museum and the California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA.

Miles for Migraines Site

I would love to just redirect you to the new site...

But sadly the redirect function doesn't function. I will continue to persist hitting it and see if it will eventually do something. Or s...