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killer migraine kills the weekend

I was sick all week with a persistent and annoying head cold, which was hardly fun to work with. Then this killer migraine that just won't quit today, sapping any energy I thought I had and draining any mental energy I had left. The weekend is when I mellow and chill, so it is not like I am doing anything anyway. But it is also the time I spend on writing and a migraine does not help in that area. I get a lot of stress relief and enjoyment from working on novels so it it a drag when I am too wasted to do so.

The migraines have been numerous lately anway, asside from this brutal one. It must be from lack of sleep, but it hardly matter the reason. It is just draining on me. So I hope I revover enough to make it though the week. Long term goals are always make it through the work week.

You are the weakest link... good bye.

Where I live we are not feeling the blunt of the global resession like our southern neighbor, but enough to know the future is not predictable. Where I work there have been cutbacks and some of them mean a serious re-structuring of staff. We are not likely to get our annual pay raise to compensate for inflation. And it is obvious that if things to not revover in due time the next step is lay offs, no matter how sunny management tries to make things sound.

Normally speaking, this does not worry me so much, given I am not the primary income earner, nor ever will be, but job stability becomes an important consideration. And when I think about who would be cut from my area within the workplace naturally I am quite aware it would be me. The weakest link. While I may be managing my migraines, it is obvious I still get them with enough frequency to still be well within the classification of chronic. It has become apparent that taking away my treatment, for whatever reason, causes a v…

Feeling a little sleep deprived?

Becoming forgetful? Try more sleep

"We find that the biochemical changes are simply not happening in the neurons of animals that are awake," Frank says. "And when the animal goes to sleep it's like you've thrown a switch, and all of a sudden, everything is turned on that's necessary for making synaptic changes that form the basis of memory formation. It's very striking."

Frank stresses that this study did not examine recalling memories. For example, these animals were not being asked to remember the location of their food bowl. "It's a mechanism that we think underlies the formation of memory." And not only memory; the same mechanism could play a role in all neurological plasticity processes.

As a result, this study could pave the way to understanding, on a molecular level, why humans need sleep, and why they are so affected by the lack of it. It could also conceivably lead to novel therapeutics that could compensate for the lack of slee…

Health Blogosphere Scam

How the health blogosphere was scammed:

January 28, 2009, the HealthCentral Network announced the acquisition of a company called Wellsphere from its young CEO, Ron Gutman. Many of my fellow medical bloggers are familiar with Wellsphere as they’ve received countless email form letters from Wellsphere’s CMIO, Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge. The form letters are flattering, and suggest that the company would like to feature the blogger’s writing on their platform.

But what happens next is disturbing – to become a member of Wellsphere, bloggers provide access to their blog’s RSS feed. Hidden in the fine print is the blogger’s consent for Wellsphere to publish the entire feed (in other words, all of the blogger’s written work) and that once it’s published on their site, they own the intellectual property rights to it.

I don't have much to say about this, except to give everyone a heads up if they are not already aware of it. Or similar sites. I would point out that on such sites, which are a…