powerful migraines, pending MRI and poor moods

Obviously, again, I am stubborn and should go to the ER. If I thought they could help maybe I would. At this point, this beast of a migraine cannot be helped. I switch abortives, but then it would be a day of no abortives to do so, and that does not seem to be happening. I need an abortive either straight in the morning, or a few hours later, and it does not last... so then I either need another or use T3s, and the T3s do not pack a powerful punch. I have already been going on five or more days straight with the abortive, which is a no-no, as the ache in my chest demonstrates, but to get to work that it what needs to be done. T3s are not much of a rescue med when you have to use them and your abortive to get through the day.

Anyway, been hellish. I have my MRI on Monday. But really an MRI is just to exclude other things and will not help in any way with my current chronic migraine state. It will prove that I still have a brain, which I am beginning to doubt, but that is about it. My doc just ordered it because of the increase in other symptoms... like that crazy weeks of nausea, muscle twitches and jerks and numbness. It should have been done long ago, so time to get it done anyway. He also sent me for back massages, which I still have yet to go for, not because I don't need them, because damn do I ever, but because with a whopping migraine after work I really do not want to do anything but get home and curl up and wish for oblivion. But I have to get going with that, my neck is crimping something fierce on some of these vicious migraine days. But really when it comes down to it, as these more chronically chronic migraines do not seem to be settling down, I will be seeing if I can get to see the nuero again. I like my nuero, I just get wary with changing meds, as in the past it usually resulted in a three month horrific adjustment period that ends up with me taking leave from work, which is precisely what I am trying to avoid.

But, on the plus side, my mood improved. Not exactly back to my goofy self yet, because the pain is leaving its mark on me, haunting me, but at least it was better than the funk I had on since Friday. So that is something. I would hate to be stuck with a mood like that for too long... that is the sort of mood that makes chronic migraine sufferers jump off cliffs and such. Hard not to get in a mood like that once in a while, sometimes hard to shake it, but really who does not throw a good pity party for themselves once in a while when they are being driven mad with pain?
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