FMS flare up

FMS is totally flaring up.  Pain in my feet, ankles, hip joints, shoulders and wrists.  Constant pain but also effecting my mobility.  For example my wrists hurt like hell and I cannot put any pressure on them, grasp anything or even press my thumb to my fingers without causing a whole lot more pain.  I only have one wrist brace, which I have been switching from one to the other and that only helps so much.

The why of the flare up escapes me.  Could be the recent bowling, could be random or could be the Lyrica side effect.  One thing is for certain, it does not seem to be going away.  I am taking a whole lot of magnesium in hopes that it will help. I have pain killers for my migraines, which makes them the obvious choice when I have a migraine and FMS pain, but they just don't help that much.

Just gave myself a whopping of pain... intentionally.

I went bowling for a work thing and I wanted to go, so I did, even though last time it took a week before the pain began to dim and I walked normally again. Ah, yes, FMS and bowling do not mix. Still, I wanted to go. So I plastered on loads of muscle cream, stretched out, took extra magnesium and figgered with the Lyrica (which works better for FMS than migraines I might add) I would be looking at less pain than last time and for a lesser duration. Don't know if that theory will pan out or not, but I am feeling the sharp nerve aching burn already. Well, actually I felt it almost immediately in my wrist, then my shoulder, then my ankles and knees, while playing... but now it is worse and I am thinking my wrist is not going to be working so well tommorow and for the forseeable future. So took a hot shower, slathered on more muscle gunk and put on my wrist brace and hoping for the best.

How pathetic am I?

Wait. Don't answer that.

A person came into my workplace today. Someone I know very well. My pharmacist assistant. She greeted me by name, as she does when i come into the pharmacy. She asked about my migraines, since a storm was rolling in. Is this odd? Not at all. How could she not remember me when i go to the pharmacy once a week for refills. Sad. So very sad. On my part, not hers. I can't remember any of my customers names a few seconds after they are out of the office. I have to laugh, in a sad kind of way, when someone asks if a particular person is my customer because usually my answer is 'No. Well, the name sounds familiar. Hmm. Maybe.'

Speaking of which I have been living up to the brainless part of the brainless blogger. Can't seem to get a sentence out right these days. Or at least it starts off fine... 'Oh, I know what you mean, just the other day I, uh, spat out pickles fuzzle, huh?' or something much like that that made little sense to me or the customer. Sometimes I get my point across and sometimes not so much. Sometimes I just trail off and speak softer so that they might just think they did not hear me because I have a soft voice rather than my brain stuttering to a incomprehensible jibber jammer. Much like when my hearing goes, or is ringing so loud I cannot much hear anything else, I pretend to have a cold so people will not think I am an idiot for miss-hearing simple things.

What can you expect with daily migraines? There is no halting the stupid once those get going. The thing is it is not just the brain that gets tired, it is the whole me. Very tired. Very confused in the morning staring at my alarm clock trying to figure out what time it is only to find out I am running late and much have unconsciously hit the snooze button for an hour. That sort of tired. Obviously time to call the neuro and try and get a grip on this slippery slope. Thing is, it has been this bad before, and before that, and before that... the only thing that is keeping me moderately upright is the pain killers, without them I would be as I was two years ago and not doing much of anything. So thumbs up to pain killers. Maybe I ride on through this on them until I find a better preventative, rather than switching preventatives, have things get worse than worse and end up not being able to work at all.

Abuse resistent med FDA approved

The morphine-based drug was approved to treat moderate to severe pain when a continuous opioid painkiller is needed over an extended period. It will be available in either once- or twice-daily dosages.
Embeda contains extended-release morphine pellets wrapped around naltrexone hydrochloride, a drug that counteracts the effects of morphine, which is an opioid.
"If taken as directed, the morphine relieves pain while the sequestered naltrexone hydrochloride passes through the body with no intended clinical effect," King said in a release.
But if crushed or chewed, the naltrexone is released and absorbed with the morphine, King said, to some extent reversing morphine's effects.

Reuters article

I think this is great. Mostly because I hate having troubles getting pain killers with doctors, when I need them and am not abusing them. Myabe this new abuse free med can be given out more often than morphine without it and the docs will not be so freakin paranoid everyone is a drug addict.

Travel makes me...

Tired. Very, very tired. Of the 8 hour drive to our destination for a wedding, I drove 1, got a migraine and gave up on that idea. Of our 8 hour return, got a migraine and could not drive at all. I think the definition of love is when your man is willing to drive 8 hours without complaint so you do not have to. That is how useful I am in travel situations... just more luggage. Semicoherent, incomprehensible, squinty-eyed luggage. I brought a book to read, but did not read much... kinda zoned out most of the way really. Kinda zoned out the entire trip. Not at the top of my mental capacity that was for certain.

I managed to kill my killer migraine by Friday when we left, but that did not stop a sixer migraine for the trip there, a sixer migraine the entire next day and a eighter migraine on the return trip. Oddly enough taking your abortive and being on a road trip or attending a social event makes that abortive not really work... at all.

There are some times, even if you don't want to and the pain will make things quite difficult, you just gotta do things. You have to go places and see people. It is not a bad thing, just difficult. However, my father was very happy we came down to see him wed and meet his new bride's family. He was very happy to have all his children there. I got to meet my second yougest brother's girlfriend. I got to spend time with my two younger brothers, even if that time was just on a duller than dull ride. We may be an odd family, an overly dysfunctional family, but I do love them, even when I cannot see them as often. So that is worth a lot. In the end, I am glad I scraped together enough will power, determination and pain tolerance to go.

MMM: Monster Motion Migraine

Yep, the big MMM is the worst migraine ever. It is the worst because the pain intensifies with any movement; nod your head, move year head, accelerate in your car, brake in your car, walk.... all these explode the pain. If untreated the pain gets worse and worse every time you move until your are completely incapacited by pain.

The MMM started yesterday morning, migraine on waking means it is going to be a bad one and it was. I used a triptan right off the bat, whih lasted three hours. I used a T3 and that got me through the remainder of work. By the time I was driving home, pain was skyrocketing. Got home and tried to lie on the couch, but that made my head tilt in a painful way... ended up haveing to isolate myself in my room, curl up in a ball and pray for death. I took three Tramcet to get through the pain of the MMM, even that could not kill it. Woke up today and migraine still kicking and fought it all day. What do I get from this battle, a sore stomach and a pain diminished a little.

I am so ready for my road trip tommorow. If this migraine has not run its course by then I'll be in trouble.

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