Allrighty, I stopped procrastinating and forgeting

I finally made a neuro appointment.  My chronic migraines have been exceptionally chronic since march, or maybe before, but definately since march.  The only thing that has helped me survive work with these things is pain killers... and really, when it comes down to it they don't do enough.  I have been lately taking my abortive beyond the three times a week rule, because I forget how many times I have taken it until i start getting chest pains.  Plus triptans kick ass over pain killers any day of the week.  Still, now my lungs feel like I have a wee kick boxer in there trying to get out and that sort of piercing chest pain that is rather unpleasant.  So yesterday I did a drug free day, which, as you can imagine, was not exactly fun.  I thought a break would mean I could take a triptan today, but the side effects of that, ie the whole kick boxer in the lungs, hit me quite quickly and that suggests I need a bit of a break from that triptan.  The two options would be another triptan free day and then switch to my alternate triptan, as it does not have the same side effect, or stick to pain killers for at least a few days.  That is why I made a point of calling the neuro.  When one migraine leads right into another and I am just trying to play catch up, then I know I am on that slippery slope to hell in a hand basket. 

Unfortunately, my neuro appointment is not till Decemeber, which seems like so very long to wait.  I am having some troubles getting up and getting to work now and that is never a good sign.  I desperately want to just have a day where I can get some extra sleep, maybe sleep off the migraine and just have a fricken break.  Unfortunately, I desperately want this every day.  If I do it once I will want to do it again.  I am already calling in sick more often than I should and having some half days as well... just because sometimes I give in and just can't do it.

So I will go to the neuro in Decemeber.  Which, obviously, will not immediately help or might not help at all.  Changing my meds, I have experienced the hard way, can sometimes make things way worse.  Small adjustments may do nothing at all.  What I do know is he cannot help me the way I want to be helped.  he cannot get rid of the pain.  There will always be pain.  So, I will likely not be in a great mood after that appointment, but hopefully we will find something useful to try out.
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