The stroke factor

We all know we are at increased chance of having a stroke with migraine with aura. I know the symptoms of stoke just in case, but would i know if I had one or would I think it is the migraine. And then there a mini strokes you might not even be aware of.

Conclusions Migraine with aura in midlife was associated with late-life prevalence of cerebellar infarct-like lesions on MRI. This association was statistically significant only for women. This is consistent with the hypothesis that migraine with aura in midlife is associated with late-life vascular disease in the cerebellum and in women.

Migraine Headache in Middle Age and Late-Life Brain Infarcts

Something to be careful of as we get older and the risk of stroke increases.

Side effects; always in effect before the drug

The side effects for Cymbalta hit me right of the get go, yet I have to wait three weeks to see if it does anything. All fun stuff. I have had some pretty nasty side effects in my day, but so far the Cymbalta is not too bad, not great, but not too bad. I have to take it in the morning because it is said to cause restlessness and make a person have trouble sleeping, which I thought would be fine, cause maybe that would help me stay alert in the morning. Because I like to be contrary I am instead getting yawn attacks in the afternoon and drop dead tired when I get home, which is also not so bad because a person should be tired when they go to bed. This drug is also said to cause dizziness, in fact that is the most common one they warn you about, but I have not had one touch of that. Mostly my complaint is that it upsets my stomach quite a bit, but then what doesn't? I will just have to watch that and make sure it is not one of those side effects that gets worse as you go, but it is is straight up nausea it is not a big deal and will likely fade.

This is very likely a huge coincidence, but the pain in my feet and wrists is almost gone and I have only had a very mild migraine (so mild I have not even bothered taking anything for it). I suspect it is just luck or the fact the weather improved vastly, but if it is the med then that is totally awesome... really, it is totally awesome when I get a migraine break anyway. So, all in all, this med does not seem that bad so far, considering I have usally had real bad luck with side effects in this preventative category. Usually mood related issues.

My neuro gave me drugs for Christmas!

Finally got to see my neuro. And as usually it was kind of a good/bad sort of deal. The good thing is that he is putting me Cymbalta in combination with the Lyrica. This is a darn good thing because I was quite worried he would take me off everything and start from scratch... which sounds like a good plan until I cannot function or work while he is messing around with them. It is also good that this particular drug is known to help with FMS as well... so a combo of the two that work for FMS and migraines, might just do it for both. *Crosses fingers*

The bad news is that the pain I have been having in my feet and wrists is not due to a side effect of Lyrica. He suspects, like my doc, that it is the FMS. Either a flare up, or nerve pain. This sucks because that means it is not going to go away on its own and is just that much more pain I have to deal with. Potentially this new drug might help with that.

Cymbalta has never been high on my list of meds to try for FMS or migraines, because it is an antidepressant and I've never had much luck with them. They seem to have some strong side effects with me, some that are downright frightening. But since the FMS pain is getting bad in its new and special way, it seems a med to target both is logical, especially since it is the FMS that helps makes my migraines as complicated as they are.

I really hope the combo helps decrease the frequency of these migraines because it is insanely hard to work with so many, insanely hard to do anything really. And damn draining too. I'm not asking for much... just a decrease enough to function better and not have to juggle meds everyday so I don't get rebound headaches.

I really like this neuro though. I think it is because he does get migraines, so he does understand what you are talking about and dealing with. That we have to be out in the world, there is no choice on that, but we get no awards for suffering while we do so.

So I am hoping for some positive result and few side effects. The main side effect I was warned about is dizziness and I think I can handle that... better than the less common ones of severe mood changes, seizures and the spontaneous desire to off yourself... like I need anything to make my moods more volatile.

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