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Is awesome. This is the new med my doc gave me to manage pain and that is exactly what it does. T3's never do much for me, likely because to me Tylenol is like filler. This one also has acetaminophen, but instead of codeine it has tramadol and I guess that is just different enough for my brain for it to work. It is not too strong, does not give me a fuzzy head, and dulls the pain for about three hours... so just what I need to give me relief when at work. And the relief is such a freakin relief. So good to feel just a gap in the pain. You realize just how narrow your focus is when you are consumed by pain... it is all about getting through things. Just a bit of pain relief and my memory improves, my communication skills improve, my concentration improves and I can think ahead as well as think more than one thing at a time.

My aura right now

This is what you get with grainy vision, visual slow of a billion sparkles and then some big old white waves. It is amazing I can see at all.


I went to the ER finally. I suppose after two weeks of one solid brutal migraine in this insufferable heat it was inevitable and I should have gone last week. There is nothing about the ER experience that I like, thus why I avoid it. There is the long wait, there is the random doctors, there is the random treatment, the light, the fact that whatever they do might be completely ineffective or just as good as what I would do with what I have. So I avoid it and avoid it, and suffer and suffer until I feel like just chopping my head off and being done with it... then I go.

This time was not all that bad, ER experience wise. They put me on the IV, which is good and rarely done. They put me on Torodal, which unless it is in IV form tends not to work all that well. And then added in this anti-nausa thing in the mix which is said to be good for migraines in particular. Together the two drugs to it, where the Toradol by itself oddly was not. Either way, the migraine is still there b…

This heat is killer on the brain

I have this course I need to take in the city, an hour commute. I hate commuting and there is a very good reason for that. It means I need to get up early, when I sleep poorly as is, and am not exactly fucntion in the early mornings... due to meds and morning migraines. By the time I get where I am going, because of light and lack of sleep, I will likely have a migraine. In this case I did, so I battle that and half suceed. Then the ride home... I have no air conditioning, it is cooking hot outside, and twice that in the care. My migraine went from gettin-bad to horrific within minutes. My vision was doubled and hazy, my head throbbing intensely, my aura bright and distracting and the pain sooo intense. By the time I got home I wished I was dead and then had to try and battle that beast, and unfortunately only got it down to manageable rather than victory. So drug tally... two abortives and four T3s and little relief. And getting up even earlier tommorow to do the same damn …

Had my MRI

Which should have been done eons ago, and really does not do much except check to make sure they are not missing something. It does nothing to help me right now, in chronic pain hell. However, it did prove I still have a brain... which is good... I was beginning to wonder. Having an MRI is a lot like lying in a coffin, but the cemetary is doing massive and loud constrution. I went in with a migraine, so it is not like the noise made it worse. I did find it a little hard to lie still, because for some reason today is a whopping bad FMS pain day and I felt like I had been beaten with a stick from my middle back down to my toes... so I kept wanting to twitch and had to flex between scans. But at least it was not a twitchy bobble head migraine day... i would have been there for hours.

I was slightly tempted to go to the ER while I was there and have this eight day migraine from hell taken care of while I was there... but this hospital is larger and ergo packed waiting room and four h…

powerful migraines, pending MRI and poor moods

Obviously, again, I am stubborn and should go to the ER. If I thought they could help maybe I would. At this point, this beast of a migraine cannot be helped. I switch abortives, but then it would be a day of no abortives to do so, and that does not seem to be happening. I need an abortive either straight in the morning, or a few hours later, and it does not last... so then I either need another or use T3s, and the T3s do not pack a powerful punch. I have already been going on five or more days straight with the abortive, which is a no-no, as the ache in my chest demonstrates, but to get to work that it what needs to be done. T3s are not much of a rescue med when you have to use them and your abortive to get through the day.

Anyway, been hellish. I have my MRI on Monday. But really an MRI is just to exclude other things and will not help in any way with my current chronic migraine state. It will prove that I still have a brain, which I am beginning to doubt, but that is about…

Killer migraines getting the best of me this month

I just can't get rid of this killer migraine I have. It is making my neck hurt and kink up so that it hurts like hell to bend it forward. I can't sleep because the angle on the pillow seems to make my head hurt more, and the ringing in my ears is louder than the background music I have and the throbbing makes me feel like my fricken head has a pulse. It is of course hormonal migraines and of course it is a battle every damn month, but most times I have a handle on it... in the whole balancing different meds and suffering through what slips through the gaps. This month though i am scrambling to keep up and totally failing. The pain is damn near killing me and there is a point when it is intolerable and in the middle of the night that I wish it would already. I am also frightfully moody as a result. I just can't shake this bad mood that hit me on Friday and is having a lingering effect on me that is both unpleasant and irritating. I am in too much damn pain to think …