The sympathy is so overwhelming today

I got a full blown severe migraine at work today, which the Maxalt did not even touch in the least. I could not work, could not function and so I left early. Came home, took a painkiller, crawled into bed and hid under the covers. Then just lay their praying for a coma. It was blindingly painful... literally, the aura began to obscure all my vision and then when that was done I was left with a weird vertigo vision that kept jumping and things looked like they were moving.

So the bf comes home, walks in the bedroom, knows I'm there says 'hope your not facing the lights' and then turns them on. I jerk back and then shove my head deep into the blanket. Because that movement was damned agonizing when he left I cried, softly of course, as to not make any movement. Then he comes in and asks 'What's for supper?' or something like that. I could not hear him all that well. I went 'What?' in confusion. He grumbled something back and shut the door.

So nice to know someone cares. Maybe he was having a bad day, but I can freakin gaurentee mine was way worse than his.

Neck pain and insomia

Are the worst things to get in the way of managing chronic migraines. I was doing well on my new preventative until I started getting some bad neck pain from the migraines clusters I get sometimes. That neck pain got progrssively worse until I could not sleep. Not only that but the neck pain alone was causing some nasty headaches, constantly, and so painful I had no idea if they were triggering a migraine or just causing pain themselves.
Step one: get some dang sleep already. I got a med to boost my sleeping pill and had some immediate results... did not wake up with near us much pain in my neck and also without that never ending headache.
Step two: get me some massage therapy asap to get my neck muscles smoothed out.
Step three: then after that is back to normal... then figure out if the preventative is really working.

I loath spring

Spring used to be my fav time of year. But it makes every muscle ache with the FMS and triple the migraine fun. I keep missing days of work from these horrificly strong migraines. So I'm thinking time for a new triptan, which will hopefully be amerge this time. I am also hoping for a new sleeping pill because this one just does not cut it anymore and without sleep, well that just leads to migraine hell.

I get so sick of this... quest for drugs and then every couple of years changing them up again. Of having to work through the pain all the time in order to function at work. Of having zip social life. Sucks. I adamently wish I could work from home, it would make things so much easier for me.

Why Light Makes Migraines Worse - ScienceNOW

Why Light Makes Migraines Worse - ScienceNOW

Not surprisingly, the six people who had no vision at all didn't experience pain from light when they had a migraine. But the other 14 did. This was an interesting clue, because these individuals had faulty rods and cones, cells in the retina that do most of the work of light detection. They did, however, have other retinal cells that functioned fine, particularly those with a type of receptor called melanopsin. Melanopsin doesn't help people see shapes, but it does react to light--specifically, blue light.
At this point, says Burstein, "we needed to follow the melanopsin," to see whether the cells expressing it might link up with cells that transmit pain. And indeed, in the rat brain, axons from the light-sensitive melanopsin cells hooked up to specific nerve cells in the thalamus that play a role in pain sensation, the team reports online this week in Nature Neuroscience.
"This kind of approach is exactly the kind of thinking we need" in medicine, says Kathleen Merikangas, a genetic epidemiologist at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. She applauds the strategy of taking an exceptional group of people and then tracing the findings back in an animal model. The work "breaks really important new ground" in piecing together why light is so painful during a migraine, agrees David Berson, a neuroscientist at Brown University who helped discover melanopsin receptors several years ago. He cautions, though, that the blind volunteers in the study might still have some rod and cone cells intact, meaning that melanopsin could be only a piece of the light-pain puzzle.

Hormonal Migraines.

These are not actually a type of migraine, but rather a trigger.  It just happens to be the most nasty and frequently triggered migraines I get, and so when I say hormonal migraine or menstral migraine I am refering to the trigger,.

Man do I hate these damn hormonal migraines. First of all, they are damned painful severe migraines. Second of all, they hit in the morning. Thirdly, medications that work well on other migraines do zip for these things.

I keep missing work because of these migraines when I can't be missing work at all anymore. So I need something to help specifially with these migraines. I know of three things: a)anti-inflamitories: which I can't take b) water pills: also can't take. c)amerge taken for a week: this would be what I'm looking for. I'm going to have to call my neuro and see what he thinks.

Well ain't there just a migraine for every occasion

There are those winter migraines
those spring migaines
those its too hot, cold, windy migraines
those I feel a thunderstorm coming on migraines
those insomnia migraines
those too much sleep migraines
those morning migraines
those afternoon slump migraines
those caught me in the evening migraines
those oops I had wine migraines
those I tried to out drink my migraine migraine
those hormonal migraines
those I can't figure out which triggered triggered this migraine
those migraines that lead right into another migraines

I'm a bit cranky right now (hormonal migraine + nauseau + PMS). I woke up with a nasty migraine and took my triptan asap, which worked for half the day, but because hormonal migraines are brutal and nasty, it came back so I took a painkiller which did a fine job for two hours. Luckily I timed that right to get me through work. Yippeee... but not through the night, becasue that dang migraine is far from dead. Took another pain killer, but now this migraine is as bad as it was in the morning, so that is not quite cutting it. Now I have to go to bed and I suspect, I won't be sleeping well... which will lead to me doing this all over again tommorow.

On House (one of my fav shows... that dude knows pain), he was reading a book on sernmons which his co-worker thought very odd. He wondered if it was because his pain was bothering him without the vicadin and he was looking for answers in irrational places. (He was not). Still it made me think. Of what I do to distract myself from pain, what I do to get through the pain, the facade I use to hide the pain. Pain gets to a person when it is long term, endless... hellish. So my thought was at that moment 'whatever gets you through the day'. If it works, use it, cause otherwise your liable to go crazy.

Work, work, work

I hate and love work. I like my job, I like what I am doing and want to keep doing it. And I hate it because when I am feeling rough I either have to force myself to go and have a crappy day, or not go and feel guilty. I honestly do not know how many people with chonic migraines hold a job. I have by taking a few short term leaves and having a decent boss, but depending on my work level that can be stretched. How would it be for a smaller company where they have no paid leave, or for one that did not tolerate a higher rate of sick days? I have been lucky in that the last three bosses I have had where a)sympathetic and helpful or b) empathetic because they also had chonric conditions similar to mine.

I muddle along fairly well now that my migraines are only three a week, excluding hormonal ones. But work is a big issue for us. Need to do, but some days wish there was some way we did not have to.

And I realize my position at work had been good enviromental wise and co-worker wise. My yonger brother also has chronic migraines and is just starting the whole treatment regime for them. He can't find or hold a job. And I feel for him because the types of jobs a young man would look for he would have a hell of time being able to do, or would be fired quickly for too many sick days.

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