Hormonal Migraines.

These are not actually a type of migraine, but rather a trigger.  It just happens to be the most nasty and frequently triggered migraines I get, and so when I say hormonal migraine or menstral migraine I am refering to the trigger,.

Man do I hate these damn hormonal migraines. First of all, they are damned painful severe migraines. Second of all, they hit in the morning. Thirdly, medications that work well on other migraines do zip for these things.

I keep missing work because of these migraines when I can't be missing work at all anymore. So I need something to help specifially with these migraines. I know of three things: a)anti-inflamitories: which I can't take b) water pills: also can't take. c)amerge taken for a week: this would be what I'm looking for. I'm going to have to call my neuro and see what he thinks.
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