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Well ain't there just a migraine for every occasion

There are those winter migraines
those spring migaines
those its too hot, cold, windy migraines
those I feel a thunderstorm coming on migraines
those insomnia migraines
those too much sleep migraines
those morning migraines
those afternoon slump migraines
those caught me in the evening migraines
those oops I had wine migraines
those I tried to out drink my migraine migraine
those hormonal migraines
those I can't figure out which triggered triggered this migraine
those migraines that lead right into another migraines

I'm a bit cranky right now (hormonal migraine + nauseau + PMS). I woke up with a nasty migraine and took my triptan asap, which worked for half the day, but because hormonal migraines are brutal and nasty, it came back so I took a painkiller which did a fine job for two hours. Luckily I timed that right to get me through work. Yippeee... but not through the night, becasue that dang migraine is far from dead. Took another pain killer, but now this migraine is as bad as it was in the morning, so that is not quite cutting it. Now I have to go to bed and I suspect, I won't be sleeping well... which will lead to me doing this all over again tommorow.

On House (one of my fav shows... that dude knows pain), he was reading a book on sernmons which his co-worker thought very odd. He wondered if it was because his pain was bothering him without the vicadin and he was looking for answers in irrational places. (He was not). Still it made me think. Of what I do to distract myself from pain, what I do to get through the pain, the facade I use to hide the pain. Pain gets to a person when it is long term, endless... hellish. So my thought was at that moment 'whatever gets you through the day'. If it works, use it, cause otherwise your liable to go crazy.
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