Work, work, work

I hate and love work. I like my job, I like what I am doing and want to keep doing it. And I hate it because when I am feeling rough I either have to force myself to go and have a crappy day, or not go and feel guilty. I honestly do not know how many people with chonic migraines hold a job. I have by taking a few short term leaves and having a decent boss, but depending on my work level that can be stretched. How would it be for a smaller company where they have no paid leave, or for one that did not tolerate a higher rate of sick days? I have been lucky in that the last three bosses I have had where a)sympathetic and helpful or b) empathetic because they also had chonric conditions similar to mine.

I muddle along fairly well now that my migraines are only three a week, excluding hormonal ones. But work is a big issue for us. Need to do, but some days wish there was some way we did not have to.

And I realize my position at work had been good enviromental wise and co-worker wise. My yonger brother also has chronic migraines and is just starting the whole treatment regime for them. He can't find or hold a job. And I feel for him because the types of jobs a young man would look for he would have a hell of time being able to do, or would be fired quickly for too many sick days.
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