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Massage therapy

Alright, so you get a migraine, then you get another, then you get another and it is inevitable you're going to have some neck pain. I tried a chriopractor, which some people swear by, but it actually made things worse. Not because of the migraines, but because I also have that dang FM syndrome, which means the whole chiro thing is iffy. It could work, it could make things worse. Was worth a shot. Then when my neck and shoulder went gimpy I did the physiotherapy thing which worked awesome, but took some time. Massage therapy seems like a nice compromise... something to do consistently and prior to your neck pain throwing other things out.

I would just like to say a)it hurt and b) it gave me a migraine. Figures. I knew it would hurt, even though I did only a half hour appointment and she used significantly less pressure due to the FMS. Because of the fibro any kind of pressure on my muscles hurts. Since FMS is chronic pain, I am kinda used to some level of pain and am all for a temporary increase if there are benefits. It is just a matter of finding out if this is too much to handle, or if in a couple of weeks it will prove beneficial. Now, it also gave me a migraine, but this is not unexpected either. After all, she was massaging those specific muscles that are radiating pain upward. I mean it sucks that I don't get that benefit of 'relaxation' from a nice massage, but if it helps, that really doesn't matter. Thats why they tack on the 'therapy' after 'massage'. the pain could mean it is working or it could mean that it is just painful... time will tell.
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