No pain no gain.... huh, this time there was a gain from the pain

Yeah, I'll have to say the massage therapy while a form of torture, does in fact help with migraines. All those migraines are killer on the neck, then the neck pain radiates up into the head, causing, er, migraines... then your triptan just does not seem to cut it anymore. So my neck pain has eased and with it some of that constant aggravating pain. Now my triptans seem to be holding their weight a wee bit better.

Unfortunately the migraines remain way over chronic. I have been told, with respect and politely, by my boss that the upper boss is noticing my absences from work and if it affects my rankings then that would not bode well for me... and in this economy it would not bode well at all. In other words, don't miss any more days. Sucks to be me, because that means even a killer migraine and I have to go to work, somehow, someway... and even function while I am there. Not sure how that is going to work. it is hard on a migraine manageable day, but they ain't all managable... frankly it is damn hard to go to work as it is. Damn hard. So damn hard I have no idea how I do it, except by forcing myself to just get there. Bad days though, that is way worse... that is I should not be driving worse.

However, that leaves me rock/me/hardplace. I don't want to go on leave, because when I come back I know I will be demoted yet again. I don't want to go on leave because it does not do anything (except help with pain) and I come back the same... thus the chronic part. Yet can I maintain and push through until something comes along to help? Or am I just kidding myself?
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