Time to muster the troops

Like I say, chronic migraines are not a battle, its a war. I am giving ground right now, losing more battles than I would like. Time to muster the troops and get that ground back. In times like this you have to consider what sort of things you can do to get back the stalemate stage or if you are lucky get your victory on.

I came up with three points of attack:

1) sleep: As a chronic insomniac due to the joys of fibromyalgia sleep is vital on too many levels to get into. The one that matters for my ability to actually get out of bed would be that sleep deprivation leads to midnight to morning migraines. When migraines hit you when your down, its damn hard to get up. Its like a sneak attack there is no defense against. Plus leads to, in my case, some very fun alice in wonderland syndrome. I already nap and nap and nap, so adding nap time would cut into other stuff time. I am already on a sleeping pill, which you would think would be sufficient, but my insomnia is uber strong. So my doc scribed me a med to add to the affect of sleepiness to add to the sleeping pill. And it does work, but it also has too many side effects. So not a daily thing... but nonetheless helps me get sleep when I really need it, like when I have a migraine at bed time.

2) Neck pain: The reason I have been getting even less sleep than usual is that my neck has been hurting constantly. This is a consequence of having a long and terrible migraine streak and is quite common. Pain makes muscles tense which gimps muscles. Last time it happened every time I got a migraine my shoulder hurt so much I could barely move my arm. This time it seems to be staying in the neck area but is giving me a constant headache and makes it very difficult to sleep. So solution number 2 is fix the neck by going to massage therapy.

3) Medication: If something is not working I have to change it as soon as humanly possible, since if it stops working or while waiting for a new one to kick in things could get bad very fast. For the first step I changed my triptan abortive, on the off chance I was just getting used to my other one. Second step was to talk over my preventatives with my neuro, but since I do not answer my phone, like ever, I just got the message he left sometime last week. nevertheless it is progress.
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