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Day Ten of migraine treatment

Yesterday I experienced some wierd dizziness and vertigo all day and I know this is from the calcium channel blocker.  They always have some odd effect on my heart rate and blood pressure because they are designed for people with high blood pressure and mine has always been low or low normal.  Yesterday I clocked in at 108/65.  So that is a bit low, but not much lower than it usually is for me.  My heart rate was 85, and that is around where it usually is (wheras Inderal and other beta blockers make it go down to a fainting 50... but then those are not recommended for asthama)  So I figure once I finish the house work and spring cleaning assault I am engaged in I will chill for the last week, see if that helps a bit.

I am just doing some general house cleaning today, that maintence stuff.  Which is nice and mellow.  Also works for me because I have that nasty nerve pain in my feet again.  I am told this nerve pain could be from FMS (Yippeeee) or from the interesting relation between migraine triggers and FMS triggers, thus one amps up the pain of the other, which is possible given that is why my migraines are complicated and do not respond well to treatment.  That is a bit of a drag because while people can try going to a chiropractor or message therapy for migraines, it is not recommended for migraines with FMS since when treating FMS you have to be very careful not to make things worse.  Now for nerve pain, in my feet or wrists, there is literally nothing that can be done, except the exact same preventative meds for migraines because usually a preventative is set asside for migraines because it also works for nerve pain.  It is a real drag, as in I am always dragging my feet.  Yep, my bf calls me 'shuffles'.  Not like I am rushing to get anwhere anyway! 

Now for the real drag... I am not sure this treatment is actually doing what my neuro anticipated.  Not that it did not stop the status migraine, because it did, but it has not eliminated the migraines for the duration either, so not reseting my brain as he said.  I have been keeping track and not sure why I should bother because it looks like this:

Day 1- migraine all day, still status
Day 2- like day 1
Day 3- like day 1 & 2
Day 4- headache all day, very pulsing but not what I would call a migraine
Day 5- moderate migraine
Day 6- migraine, responded well to triptan, headache at night
Day 7- headache in evening, difficult to sleep
Day 8- 4am migraine 8 on my migraine scale, but responded well to triptan, went back to sleep and was gone when I woke
Day 9- headache at night.

Sooooo.... no pain free days in the head department.  Has there been an overall decrease in intensity, for sure.  Have I been able to function and get some things done, definately.  Is this due to the meds or the fact I am not forced to confront triggers all day with a migraine... no freakin idea, my friends.

I am still liking the idea of a chemically induced coma... wonder if my neuro would go for that?
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