I can't believe what I heard at work today

Apparently that day I was in tears at work, in so much pain and so much despair, because my boss cut me to the wick with that phone conversation I had gone into work. Feeling like I had no choice, which severely depressed me, feeling trapped in my pain and no options. That is bad enough, legally you cannot force an employee with a valid medical reason to come in to work. She pushed it there, really pushed it.

Then when i came in, in obvious distress it was not like she sent me home. In fact I was told the boss lady told the supervisor, before the boss lady left herself, not to let me go home. That is definitely illegal. That is cruel to make someone suffer so. And it totally pisses me off she did. Thank goodness one of my co-workers got me to call HR so I could go to the hospital.

I would have continued to suffer and go to work as much as humanly possible, which benefits everyone but me, if she had not acted like this. I realize I must do the formal work up again, to have a paper trail to protect me. By doing this my doctor may cut my work time down, he may send me on leave... so maybe they should have just had a freakin bit of sympathy for my distress that day. My god, to know she was willing to make me stay under those conditions? I could have had a stroke, of passed out, or had a damned nervous break down... and they would be liable because they made me come in and made me stay. So I have no sympathy for them if my docs cut my hours. I will take care of my health first, lest I bloodly well ruin in by coming in when I should not. That day another employee called in sick with no problemo. So that is bias, since I have a medical condition they knew of years ago.

I came close to ruin my health to get to work as much as I have. I came in with brutal migraines and struggled through. I took my triptans too many days in a row, which causes shortness of breath, chest pain, a feeling your throat is closing up and wheezing... then I tried not taking it but since I did not take of the day it was brutal (not that I would have succeeded anyway) the migraine went full status migraine. I kept trying the triptan and then my symptoms got worse. Not only some erratic heart beats and chest pain, but I kept tasting copper in my mouth and was spitting out blood, cough some too... freakin spitting up blood for christ sakes and I still was going in. Given I do that and suffer immensely by going in, screw my health right up to go in, you'd think I would freakin earn a sick day for a bloody status migraine.

I got my neuro appointment tomorrow and I will see what he says. I must not underestimate things, because it is bad.
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