Lets see the world through rose colored glasses

I was reading a question on a message board regarding the possibility of red tinted glasses helping with migraines.  The idea is that it is filtered out the color spectrum that would flare a migraine from photosensitivity.  The idea quite intrigued me and not just because I thought getting myself some red tinted round hippy glasses and having a legitimate excuse to wear them was awesome.  The idea is interesting because I have heard it mentioned that yellow tinted glasses help with night blindness.  Certain sunglasses help me during the day as in it reduces the pain and also filters out the visual snow sparkles I see.  So of course it would be interesting to see if other tints might refine this.  Turns out it is something that people are researching and patients are using.  I find the most references howver to a particular rose tint in glasses and a red tint in contacts.

Moran Eye Center

Red tinted contact lenses

From what I understand the idea is to get the proper coloring and to have your lenses properly made... you can't just go out and get red hippy glasses.  I know that I will be getting these glasses the next time I go and get a new pair of specs... since I think this light tint would be great for the workplace given I highly doubt my employer would consider getting rid of florecent lights.

Why Light Makes Migraines Worse-  It is interesting to note that all the research I have encountered regarding tinted specs and migraines refers to the evils of blue light.
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