Migraine treatment Day 7

There is little difference so far, but I have been doing some spring cleaning and that makes me happy.  Household chores rather get left behind when you have chronic migraines... since that whole work thing sucks the life right out of you so that by the time you get home, into the blessed confinement of a dark house, you just want to sleep or lay comotose and feel free to be in pain and not do anything.  Oh, you notice all the things that need to be done and they mock you with there damned un-done-ness, but ever tried cleaning a bathtub with a migraine?  I would not recommend trying.  You will not suceed.  So I have all this time on my hands and fewer migraines, so I have been slowly and methodically going through the house and cleaning... but also spring cleaning, as in organizing, cleaning those less daily chores and bringing things to good will.  And it makes me feel damn good that I can at least have a clean house after this break is over... even if it is a short break and in the end I will be faced with the same situation as before upon my inevitable return.

Plus I have been doing the cooking for supper... not as well as my spouse, but giving him a nice break.  Usually he does all the cooking because frankly I usually have no appitite or energy after work.... which means if I were the one tasked to it normally, we would have a whole lot of soup, which I have been known to burn.  This also makes me feel good, being able to help him out with that.

It might be that it is simply a relief from the loads of guilt I have for not being able to do what I think I should on a regular basis.

It also makes me realize how much 'functioning' with a migraine, as in going to work and such with one, takes out of me.  There is literally nothing left over.  And I do myself no favors, since working with a migraines leads to longer migraines or triggers more on a daily basis.  Being at home, even without these meds, means a) I have control over my enviroment, and light levels b) can avoid envriomental triggers c) if I get a migraine I don't have to force myself to do a thing and d) if I have a migraine I have the option of hiding in the dark and trying to rest or sleep.  All of which makes the migraines easier to treat and easier to endure.

In conclusion I have decided to develop a phobia of leaving the house.

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