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A British woman has woken up speaking with a Chinese accent after reportedly suffering brain damage brought on by a severe migraine.
Sarah Colwill, 35, has carried an English West Country accent her entire life but now sounds like she hails from the far east, British newspapers report.
Doctors have reportedly told Ms Colwill she suffers from Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS), an extremely rare condition with only a few recorded cases.
Ms Colwill believes her sudden accent shift can be traced back to one migraine attack that was so bad she had to be taken to hospital.
She said the changes in her speech were first noticed by the emergency services call operator.
"The first few weeks it was quite funny but to think I am stuck with this — it is not my voice," she told The Sun newspaper.
"I am frustrated to sound like this, I just want my own voice back, but I don't know if I will get it back."
Ms Colwill, who had never been to China, said she was frustrated that many people often believed she was faking the accent.
The first recorded case of FAS was in 1941 when a Norwegian woman was struck by a piece of shrapnel and began talking with a German accent.
There are believed to be less than 20 people worldwide suffering from the condition
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This would by very trippy or annoying or both.  Although it would be pretty darn cool if she woke up Speaking Chinese.

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