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Day 11 of neuro treatment so not awesome

I can get a little shut eye with the help of a sleeping pill, dang that fibro insomnia to the seventh level of Hell, but without it I really do not sleep much at all.  I am the sort of insomniac that had delayed onset insomnia, as in it takes hours to fall asleep, as well as non-restorative sleep as in I don't spend all that much time in deep sleep and wake up a great many times.  It is just the way it is.  I do end up suffering from sleep deprivation as a result, which triggers migraines... and eventually also gets me into some weird sleep paralysis episodes.  With sleep paralysis you feel awake, can hear the sounds of the room, feel yourself lying in the bed, but you can't move and sometimes you even dream while stuck like this... as in alien abductions are possible dreams while in sleep paralysis, I have yet to be abducted by aliens (that I know of) but I do get horrific nightmares of something there in the room, watching or sometimes attacking.  Never mind that interesting little phenomena, I'm getting a little off track (but I am rather stoned on meds, so its bound to happen). 

I got maybe four hours of sleep last night, optimistically.  I simply can't fall asleep or stay asleep on this tranquilizer, and I can't take both (although I bet both would get me a truly great nights sleep and maybe the day as well).  I gave up and got up (which is why I have like four posts on here today... I got a wee bit bored).  Then I got a killer migraine right around 4 pm, just nasty and sudden.  I treated it, but it only went away for a couple of hours and came back, so I treated it differently and now I just have a really bad headache.  And the ringing in my ears is about to drive me nuts.

Here is the thing... and it is a rather big thing (as all the ladies know)... I am close to that time where I will be getting that horrific hormonal trigger.  That is bad enough and will occur sometime next week... it is sometimes hard to predict when the brain will respond to the fluctuations in hormones.  The problem is, if I am already having migraines near that time, it is absolutely impossible to be as aggressive as you need to be when treating hormonal migraines... because it is like a trigger that does not go away and so it is killer migraine day after day.  If it is not treated with the full arsenal at your disposal, it means that stretch of killer migraines can go on and on.
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