Day 17: of neuro treatment

I just realized I should be done this all on Friday.... so has not really suceeded.  What I am refered to is the three weeks my doctor had me on a tranquilizer and a calcium channel blocker (in addition to my regular preventatives Lyrica and Cymbalta) in order to aggressively attack these migraines.  The idea was to reset my brain by knocking me out of the existing pattern.

That is not to say the leave from work, which lasts until June 20th has not been very nice.  The very fact I am at home makes it easier to cope with the migraines I do get.

That is not also to say that the migraines have no responded (how could they not?  calcium channel blocker + antisezuire med + antidepressant= no base left un covered + tranquiler to slow the nueral activity).  I have been getting a migraine about every other day, and nasty pulsating mild migraines fairly consistently at night.

The problem might me that tranquilizers are not a substitute for sleeping pills and as a result I have had one very erratic sleeping cycle.  Very short sleep of about 4 hours to very long of about 12 hours.  Sometimes I can fall alseep around a bout when I should and other times it takes hours to.  So I have been getting a lot of midnight migraines on the days when I just can't sleep.

So, yeah, overall that kind of sucks.  I don't know what my neuro has planned for after, since the both of us thought this would do something.
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