Migraine More Common in Women With Multiple Sclerosis

"While having a history of migraine diagnosis was linked to MS, women with migraine need to know that over 99 percent of them will never develop MS, thus having migraine should definitely not be a reason to worry about getting MS," said study author Ilya Kister, MD, with New York University School of Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Neurology. "More research is needed since it's still not known whether migraine is a risk factor for developing MS or if it is a condition that occurs at the same time as MS."
Science Daily

I thought I would post this simply because I do have MS in my family and so it always been something I was a little concerned about... more so after developing some nasty nerve pain in my feet and wrists.  But this is simply rather like if you have Fibromyalgia migraines are comorbid with it, but if you have migraines this does not mean you will develop FMS, see?  Some conditions, autoimmune ones and certain syndromes, have a multitude of symptoms which make them more likely to develop other conditions, expecially if those are also dangling in the family tree.  So if you have migraines this does not mean you will be more inclined to devlop conditions that are see to be comorbid with migraines... so in-itself nothing to worry over.  However if you have MS, FMS, Asthma or any other condition said to be comorbid with migraines... and then you get migraines well then that is not unexpected since they are linked... these is some underlying process going on that makes your risk for getting migraines to be slightly increased.  Or if your like me, you get FMS, then migraines, then asthma and are just a big old statistic on comorbid conditions.  In the case of MS, as there is something specically neurological going on that causes changes in the brain, that might very well be why it increases the chances of migraines.  What is interesting about this linkage is it makes you wonder why there is this connection, but not causation, as in what is going on in the body with one condition that increases the chances of another condition... and this will give researchers, in the end, more information about some complex conditions and how they affect the body.
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