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Migraine sufferers risk stroke

NEW YORK - PEOPLE who suffer migraines are about twice as likely as people without the painful headaches to suffer a stroke caused by a blood clot, according to a new research review.

The analysis, which combined the results of 21 previous studies, confirms a connection between migraines and ischemic stroke - the most common form of stroke, occurring when a clot disrupts blood flow to the brain.

Across the studies, migraine sufferers were about twice as likely to suffer an ischemic stroke as people without migraines, according to findings published in the American Journal of Medicine. Experts are not sure why the relationship exists, and it is not yet known whether the migraines themselves directly lead to strokes in some people.

It's likely, however, that a common underlying process contributes to both migraines and stroke risk, said Dr Saman Nazarian, the senior researcher on the new study and an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Migraine sufferers risk stroke

This is not really new news, just an update on old news. Though I am all for migraine studies, research and awareness. So keep up the good work guys. The thing we need to note is that migraines do not cause strokes... even when it does feel like your head is imploding. I figure, and I do not exclude myself here, that we believe that when we are in such intense pain it has to be doing some damage or may cause spontaneous combustion. We fear that the pain means something more. Pain is a symptom of something, in this case of migraines and all that excited brain firing. It can also be the symptom of a tumor, so the fear that pain means something is not useless... it is there to tell you something is going on that needs to be attended to. There is no causal link though to strokes. Sometimes, I tell ya, sometimes when I get a silent migraine, with no pain but all that numbness, tingling and talking issues, it freaks me out more than an aboslutely mosterous migraine with pain... because without the pain it does seem more stroke like. Point is, don't panic. Second point is, pay attention to what the stroke risk factors are, elmininate them. Third point it, be aware of the symptoms of stroke... I am not all that concered over this study and my chances of someday suffering a stroke, but I would sure like to know the distinctions between stroke and a migraine so I know. Always remember, if your having the worst headache ever... seek medical attention. Better safe than sorry, and really, if the pain is that bad wouldn't you want some medical attention anyway?

Check out this blog for more insight on this Limit Migraine Triggers to Avoid Stroke from Somebody Heal me.
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