My non existent sleep cylce returns

Sleep Solutions (The Calming Collection) is what I'm listening to right now... and I like background noise when I am trying to sleep... cause it makes the pulsing and ringining in my ears way less annoying.  Doesn't matter how calming it is, still not nod worthy.  I gave this one cd to my mom that is my all time fav to sleep to... Pachelbel Canon in D Minor you just stick that one repeat and it is awesome, maybe I should buy it again.

Apparently tranquilzers are not a substitute for sleeping pills, because I can't sleep or stay asleep.  Right now it is insanely early in the morning and I've not slept a wink.  The neuro said no sleeping pills while I am on this drug treatment, but he assumed it would not be a problems with the tranqs... and he was wrong.  Maybe elephant tranqs would do it.  I have been doing this sleep when I am sleepy thing and as a result I am sleeping at bizzare times, but not usually when I should be and for odd lengths.  Sometimes four hours is good and I can't sleep any more.  Sometimes it is twelve hours and I insist I get up at that point.  It's insane.  I miss my sleeping pills.

It is not like this is anything new to me.  I've had this insomnia since I was a kid.  And in my late teens and twenties I could out party every one simply because I could stay up till dawn, till I was sober, and still keep on going.  It was not a problem then.  It becomes a problem when you have to work and thus maintain a 'normal' sleep cycle.  Then it is a big problem.
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