Negative Childhood Experiences Linked to Headaches, Migraines

Negative Childhood Experiences Linked to Headaches, Migraines

I am not so sure I like this connection or what it entails. It makes it seem like the trauma of childhood causes migraines, which means if you see the local shrink and discuss your issues you will be cured!

But in the sense that any trauma we suffer in childhood trains us how to deal with the world and it trains our brains as well.

I come from a divorced family, but I would not call that a trauma... unless over 50% of divorced couples have kids with migraines. I have also seen my fair share of unwanted sexual advances when I was younger, but while disturbing, in my case not enough to say traumatized by it.

I am a firm believer that childhood sets how we respond to stress, sets a habit that we follow into adulthood, even if the methods no longer fit. But we are as malleable as our brains and the past does not dictate future behavior.

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Diana Lee said...

I don't think this research is suggesting we could be cured of migraines if we worked through our issues. I do think it's telling that so many people who have experienced this things have chronic headaches or migraines, and I wonder if we would find changes in the brain that correlate to these experiences if we found a way to study that.

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