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Not an ah ha moment, a oh duh moment.

Chronic Migraine Sufferers Sicker, Poorer and More Depressed Than Episodic Migraine Sufferers

The results showed that those with chronic migraine had significantly lower levels of household income, were less likely to be working full time, and were almost twice as likely to have a job related disability than their peers with episodic migraine.

They were twice as likely to be depressed, anxious, and experiencing chronic pain. And they were significantly more likely to have other serious health problems.

These included asthma, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity. They were also around 40% more likely to have heart disease and angina and 70% more likely to have had a stroke.

The authors point out that chronic migraine "can be an especially disabling and burdensome condition."
Previous research indicates that chronic migraineurs have a relatively high level of sick leave, reduced productivity, and poorer quality of family life than episodic migraineurs.
It also suggests that few are diagnosed correctly and that only around one in three are treated appropriately.

-science daily
How is this at all surprising?  Lower household income... it is called compramising and finding a job you can hold.  Twice as likely to have job related disability compared to someone that say gets a migraine every month... go figure, might be all the friggen migraines.  Twice as likely to be depressed?  We are in chronic pain, dude, yeah, we are definately at high risk for depression.  I find the mention of comorbid conditons like asthma mentioned... given that one hit me two years ago, completely out of the blue.  And angina pain I have had as well, but then we take a lot of triptans overall, compared to eposodic migrainers, and that affects the circulation... thats what caused my angina, the use of the Imitrex shots.  I like that 'reduced productivity'... really, when migraines are chronic that means in all liklihood we are working with migraines a great deal, which is challenging to say the least, but if your migraines are infrequent you can simply go home or call in sick... the rest of us use all our sick days in January and start thinking of using vacation time just to get a break from the pain.  So this study is so very non-exciting, but I like to see them being done, so that other people get the toll it takes on us.  Plus i would really like there to be some sort of award given out to chronic migraine pain suffers who are not depressed... like we have achieved an amazing feat, because we have.  Sure we end up in lower end jobs, miss days, have low productivity, asthma, angina and take more leaves from work... but its not like we have to be all depressed about it, just don't think we are not in pain just cause we can smile.

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