Tuning Out Visual Stimuli Is Harder For Migraine Sufferers

healthjocky.com "Around a third of migraine sufferers apparently undergo neurological disruptions prior to the onset of the headache. These auras are claimed to be regularly visual and may seem as gleaming lights or zig-zag patterns that travel across the field of vision. The study illustrated that migraine sufferers with auras were said to be most unfavorably affected by the inclusion of visual noise.

Wagner mentioned that a present hypothesis about migraines is that nerve cells in the brain of migraineurs are believed to be volatile. And when it is exposed to particular triggers, the augmented excitability may cause whole clusters of nerve cells to turn overactive, just like a spasm, and bring on the headache."

I don't know about you guys but the more that is going on the less I am able to focus on something specific... like the person talking to me.  Sometimes it seems like I hear everybody and can't narrow it down and comprhend the person I am directly talking to.  This study seems to find the more noise going on with the visual stimulas and the less we can focus on what is going on.  For this reason, I do not like crowds or worse crowds with loud music... it is just too much to handle, even with the mildest of migraines.  Cool study though.
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