Visual Auras are fun

I was sitting outside watching my cats on their harness.  And my perlonged aura was particularly intense, all those sparkles of white seemed more like worms of light.  Then I looked at the ground and it was shimmering.

I said to spouse, "How hot is it out here?  I can see the heat from the sidewalk."
He looks.  "I don't see anything."
"It is simmering, like a wave."
"Ah, just me then."

Ah, yes the joys of seeing my brain playing visual tricks on me.  Verification from another is one way to tell it is read though.

The visual snow is a prolonged aura I have had for a long time.  But I still get other more common ones that occur prior to a migraine like they should, and this was was just that.  We got a thunder boomer later and I had a whopping migraine.
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