What a pain in the neck!

This study found neck pain to be a "common and integral" symptom of Migraine. Since nausea has been so widely published an discussed as a symptom of Migraine, indeed even listed in the International Headache Society's ICHD-II, it's somewhat surprising that the study found neck pain to be more common during Migraine than nausea. (Migraine Connect)
Certainly neck pain is a more common symptom for me than nausea.  Back in the day I had a big issue with migraine nausea, but thankfully, it is not as common as it once way.  Neck pain though is conistent.  It can actually become quite chronic, such that the pain radiates down into the shoulders and arms.  Not fun at all.  I had always assumed it was simply due to the fact when we are in pain we naturally tense up, but maybe there are other factors involved in this.  Which likely makes massage therapy or a chiro a good option for those of us with chronic migraines.

Unless you are also one of us with FMS as well... in which case chiropractors and massage therapy can sometimes be counter productive, due to the tenderness of the muscles and refered pain issues.  Or at least that is what my neuro told me.  Plus I had a chiro that said when it comes to FMS, fifty percent of the time it is counter productive and in my case caused muscle to spasm.  Massage therapy on the other hand was simply torture.
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