Work gives me migraine... litterally

Today I did not wake up with a migraine, which is awesome and really I would say to that drug treatment my neuro had me on.  Maybe it was not a blaring success, but it has seemed to kick the morning migraines.  So that's all good. 

So it is about 11 am and I get a headache and some nausea and some pretty sparkling lights and a wee bit of virtigo.  But it stay like that till about 4pm and then I felt like my left eye was going to pop it hurt so much and this twisty coiled pain in the left side every time I moved.  So I took my abortive and now I just have a headache.

And it is only Monday.

Good God... this week is going to blow.

At least being the proactive person I pretend to be... I did submit my HR form to the boss lady and we will see where she goes with that.
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