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Interesting work twist...

The area manager had declined my request for accomadation, which, yeah, totally ticked me off. The fact that she could not concieve of someone being disabled by chronic pain and a way to accomadate that and of course the threat to demote me. Well, my boss had also followed procedure and set a request to our HR to cover all basis. They got back to her with a request form for more inforamtion from my doctor in order to assess an accomadation package. Now this is what I had initially expected from management. A thorough assesment and recommendation. All professional like.

Problem is do I proceed or not.

Obviously there are some issues with higher management and their inablity to understand my situation let alone help out with it. Therefore if I do push through a claim I can expect a cold reception on that end, possibly positively experience some negative effects that will affect my job with them, my position or even my employment. Yeah, the stigma of chronic pain. They may be the ones that don't get it, but I am the one that has to deal with their attitudes and coping. They simply make things harder than they need to be.

Then there on the other hand there is that health factor to consider. Inflicting myself with migraine after migraine after migraine and unable to call in sick, I am driving myself to worse health and a nervous breakdown. I don't want to ignore my health, or for that matter, my mental and emotional health. But it seems in regards to work, it is the only facet of my life where there is no flexabily and I am left to just plow through the pain, even though that results in worse health and absolutely no life outside of work. My co-workers say I should not risk my health. Common sense tells me I should not risk my health. Yet I feel if I do try to work with HR for an accomadation I will really regret it.

I think I might hold off, delay and see what my neuro recommends. Or maybe I will have a stroke at work and the head honchos will go 'oh, there are consequences for someone with chronic migraines. My bad.'

Anyway, it is a crappy situation and a crappy decision to make. I should make a stand here, if only because it is right damn it. But at the same time managements position is crytal clear and thus if I fight it, they will likely think I am a poor worker, lazy or want to work less for the fun of it.
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