Wondering how to work around work

There have been times in my life with FMS and migraines that I have had to alter the way I get things done because my brain takes a nap on the job.  Information does get in, but getting it out when I need it seems to be an issue.  Some things don't seem to stick at all, since that sort term memory really, really gets short.

I got through high school sleep deprived and skipping school to have naps and got fine grades.  When I got to University however my fibro fog and migraines became problematic.  I needed to learn how to study and how to edit my editing.  Being that I was the cramming sort of learner that remembered everything she read and had very little natural inclinations to organization, this was a tricky feat of mine.  Cramming was fine still.  I had a knack for pulling out important information, condensing it and cramming that... then downloading on a test.  However for more complex long term absorption, required for longer research papers I needed to make a lot of notes, then highlight the important parts, condense for there and study that... because sometimes while I read I was all fuzzy headed and would not remember a thing.  I learned to take frequent breaks and have frequent snacks.  These methods work awesome for me then, up until I took my masters and then my health took a nose dive and it was hard just to attend classes.

In the work force, likewise, there are ways to work around a decrease in brain function.  It is just a matter of finding the ways that work in your particular field.  What I find best is to be organized, as best you can, so you are not flustered when you need something.  To write notes to yourself about what you are working on that is urgent.  To prioritize urgent to not quite so urgent and methodically work through the list.  To take a break and walk around for a bit when you feel like you are zoning out.  To stick to a particular routine, so when your brain falters it goes on auto-pilot.  Eat a lot of snacks to keep your energy levels up.  And most important of all double or triple check your completed work.

I have been implemented some of my work methods because the boss lady complains that my audit scores are low, due to tiny, usually data related errors.  When working with chronic migraines and not taking leave for them (because apparently the chronically ill do not have the same privileges of the ill bu curable) means I am working with a brain that is hardly there and distracted by pain that is there way too much.  Since work did not take my offered comprises, once again, as it always is, it is up to me to find a way to 'handle' it.  Since I tend to be a fast worker, I have been implementing these steps to slow me down and verify, verify and then verify again so each product is as near perfect as I can reasonably get it.  Hopefully this will stop the avoidable errors.
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