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My shrink is a meaner

I went for my first shrink appointment and it was interesting and annoying.  She said I loved others more than myself, which is true, because my body is broken and annoys me.  We discussed how my reasoning is emotional, negative and irrational when I am in extreme pain... duh.

So these are the steps I need to take....

1) exercise- always a fav with the docs.  Not possible when I am working, but sure I will do it when I am not working.  Not sure how that will work when I return to work though.  I am going to start with walking and work up to yoga and water aerobics.

2) Quit smoking-  really?  That is bad for me?  Huh.  That's sure news to me.  Besides I am on top of that one, and not because of the migraines, since I know it makes no difference with those, but for the asthma, which obviously would be way better.

3) Quit the diet coke- and not for the aspartame which many people believe is evil, but for the caffeine, which can affect migraines, but the last time I did this experiment it made no difference.  This one will be damned hard since I am constantly thirsty and hate sugary drinks which limits me to water and herbal tea.

4) Eat regularly- I suck at this even tho I know I should.  I am just not hungry most of the time, and sometimes nauseous.  So I will work on it.

5) Go to sleep at 12 latest and get up a 9am- this will be loads of non sleeping fun.  Also no computer or TV or reading before bed.  So I will just sit there and twiddle my thumbs I guess.

Obviously not all at once, but certainly to establish a rigid routine.  I guess it is rather like my vitamins, get into the habit of doing it even though your not sure it is actually doing anything, but can't hurt.  And of course some of these things are impossible when i am working and not sure how they will translate to when I am back at work.  And why is it us unhealthy people always have to do all the healthy habits with none of the vices to sort of maybe feel better?
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