Sigh... rant is now over

Back to the real world and real world concerns.  It is frustrating to have a chronic illness that is so limiting.  It forces me to look at everything I do and conform it to my physical well-being.  Which is, frankly, annoying.

A) Me:  what can I do to make me feel better?  Well, lots of little things.  We all try the little things, sometimes repeatedly.  For me massage therapy and a chiro are not a choice due to that finicky FMS that does not play well with the troublesome migraines.  Contrary.  What I do do is eat small meals all day, starting with a yogurt in the morning (yogurt is like a super digestive food that helps me lose weight for some reason) and I take a vitamin supplement of calcium, magnesium and vit D.  But then there are two bad habits that compromise my health that I need to boot: my diet coke addiction and my smoking.  I have decreased my diet coke intake with water and tea, but want to focus on the smoking first.  Do I think anything I do will cure me?  Hell no.  It is about teeny tiny improvements that make up the huge picture.  And since with my migraines being as chronic as they currently are, I can't tell if anything works, so I have do just assume they are doing something, even if just helps me feel like I am doing something.

B) The support team:  Chronic pain takes a team approach.  The doc, the neuro and anyone else you think helps.  In my case I am adding the shrink and will be going to a pain clinic.  Complementary treatments that I hope will help me with some coping.

C) To work or not to work?  I just don't know about this one yet.  I am all for finding something part time and/or doing volunteer work.  I just don't like the idea of giving up my job.  I figure I will be on the fence on this one.  I figure with a long term leave from work plus all the other work I will be doing to improve things may make me 'good enough' to work again.  At least give me a chance anyway.  Although it has sunk into my head that doing what is good for my health is better all around, so I will not stubbornly figure I need to work full time just because that is what I think I should do.

D) New routines: I have been feeling kind of lethargic this week.  I don't like doing nothing.  I have always thought with FMS pain anyway, that reducing what I do makes me unable to do more and makes me sluggish physically and mentally.  Obviously doing too much does not work either.  I need to set up a strict routine so that I do not succumb to this, because doing literally nothing all day is a sure fire way to get depressed.  I need to get up at the same time every day.  I need to focus on something, like housework.  I need to add some sort of activity, aka exercise, to replace the lack of work.

I have a huge migraine right now, so not the time to be planning much of anything.  Still, no rest for the wicked.
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