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FMS remission or cure?

My shrink made an off hand comment that I had never before heard, nor can I verify it via my googling abilities... she said Fibromyalgia disappears over time.  It floored me.  First of all, news to me.  Secondly, she had no verification and I don't think people, let alone shrinks, should be tossing statements like that around without solid referenced proof... it is called giving people false hope.  I said my FMS does not bother me much as long as I don't bother it, sure many of the symptoms flare up and cause a lot of trouble and sure I can't sleep normally if my life depended on it, but the pain is tolerable in comparison to the chronic migraines.  Pain is all relative after all.  That is not to say that the pain of FMS does not flare up like a sonofagun and can even make it difficult to walk or move my arms or wrists, but day to day, it is well within tolerable limits.

I cannot find any reference to FMS just going away.  I know there is no cure.  I know it can go into remission for years even, not that I have ever had that pleasure.  But just goes away as you get older?  How awesome would that be?  I guess one night I might just actually go to sleep, stay asleep, without twitching my muscles, wake up feeling awesome, not stiff or sore, suddenly have a normal digestive system, suddenly be able to exercise without instant muscle fatigue and pain, without the consequences of days of elevated pain... and if that happened, well, hell, I would be doing a happy dance all damn day.  Especially since my FMS triggers are migraine triggers, all that sensitivity to light, smell, touch, chemicals would just poof be gone and thus make the world way more migraine friendly.

So I wonder when this miracle day is supposed to come.  Unlike some people who develop FMS after an illness or accident (a jolt to the nervous system), I was symptomatic at 8 and by 18 had all the long list of symptoms and trigger points.  So well over two decades, might as well say my whole life really.  Maybe this will spontaneously hit when I am in my 70's, in which case I will likely not notice.

So on my next appointment I plan on flat out asking her for proof.  So that I might share this amazing study with others.  Since I have yet to meet anyone with FMS who has been in long, long term remission.

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