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I have to say I am a little annoyed with my shrink...

So far all the methods she has suggested to help me cope with pain are not news to me and have been tried at one time or another.  They are in fact some of those annoying suggestions you get from random people that suggests if you just alter your lifestyle you will presumably feel a whole lot better... even those the suggestions are things that 90% of the population does not do.  I suppose I could go around telling obese people to exercise cause it will make them feel better, but that might be ignoring a lot of what is going on and possibly a lot of physical problems.

Despite the fact the woman is looking at the problem from the angle of what can I do to help me in a very simplistic way, that does not mean I am not going to do it.  Just means I am a little ticked thats what she came up with.  Like its original.  Like its a news to me.

First I am doing the regular sleep cyle thing with the early morning waking bit.  So far, lots of no sleeping and then last night a killer migraine that made me sleep in and ruined my whole day.  Awesome.  Still trying to keep to the plan.

Second is the eating small meals throughout the day.  I have forced myself to do so and even managed to keep it all in me, but it did require some anti-nausea meds today.

Third is the whole evil caffiene bit, which is not that hard.  I replaced my regular drink of choice with the caffiene free version, added some water and then some herbals teas.  Yay me.  Does it make a difference?  No.  Maybe it will in the long term?  Not likely, since it did not before.  But whatever.  Its done.

Next will be the quitting smoking and the start of some sort of exersize.  The exersize thing is bothersome, mostly because I get so many migraines when the hell do I set up a routine when I am not getting them.  I suppose she means me to exersize with them, hopefully without having a stroke.

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