We need distraction

The theme of the October 2010 Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival carnival will be "How do your hobbies help you cope with your headache disorder?"

Most people go through their day and are free in moments of silence to contemplate, ponder, worry and regret without the risk of these causing depression or suicidal tendancies.  Those of us with chronic pain really should worry about any lingering moment of silence by ourselves because thinking about pain, our future in pain and our past while in pain is really a bad idea... because, rather depressing.  So how do we avoid reality?  Many things.  Work- if you can.  Socialize- if you can.  Exersize- if you can.  Anything to fill in any moment of the day really.  One of the best things because it is relaxing as well as distracting is finding a hobby to engross yourself in.  Something that will consume any portion of the day you have left to yourself. 

My favorite hobby is creative writing because it has that element of escapism added with its distracting me from reality element.  I can for a moment lock myself in a world of my own creation and torment my poor characters, who are in the end better for their trials.  This hobby requires a great deal of thought and there is that sense of satisfaction and self worth in completing a novel that reminds me I am still capable of some things.  So hobbies can help with that sense of self worth.

Some people consider reading a hobby and the amount of time I spend reading it might as well be.  The benifits to reading are both distraction and escapism.  You can escape into a different world and for a moment forget about this one.

Maybe even blogging is a hobby and if it can be said to be, then I recommend it as well.  In this case it is a distraction, but it is also a way to connect with others in areas that interest you.  So in that sense you are more engaged.  You can also blog about your health and this is both cathartic, since writing about your emotions and fustrations is one way to express yourself, get it out of your system and that is a great stress relief. 

Now most of my hobbies are at home and solitary but certainly there is a benifit to hobbies that connect you with the world.  Making youself stay connected with other people and engaged are vital to being human.  In that sense if you cannot work or are retired you need something to fill that void.

So to recap:

  • Distracting yourself is very important.  Avoid thinking at all costs.
  • A little escapism never hurt nobody.
  • Creativity in all forms helps you express yourself and relieve emotional tenstion.
  • Connecting with others with similar interests is a way to stay engaged with the outside world.
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