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Ah the power of Google and Doubt

I am sure many people with Fibromyalgia wonder is it really Fibromyalgia or something more sinister.  I was thinking about the whole rash and bruising issue and so used the power of Google to help me out.  One thing for certain... not eczema... stupid ER doc.  It is in fact petechiae (little red dots) that when I itch or rub turn into thousands of petechiae which since it is blood pooling upward do then spread into some impressive bruises that take their time in leaving.  The cause for the petechiae?  A whole lot of not fun.  One thing that can cause it is medication... but I have not been on any medication as long as I have had this phenomena.  One thing that leaps out is that it could be a symptom of Lupus, which way back when I was a kid with mysterious bruising one doc thought I had, that combined with my impressively fluctuating and high ANA count.  Yet nothing could be determined at the time and like a decade later, after me complaining about the same dang things to different doctors, they clued in it was FMS.  But this whole petechiae and bruising issue is not a FMS thing, although FMS does come with its fun skin complaints, but this is more a bleeding or autoimmune thing.  Or maybe some weird allergy or anemia.  I hate when things do not fit under the right umbrella because frankly this is not the sort of thing I want to bring to my doctor to puzzle over and waffle over a different diagnosis... but if I do go see him about it, maybe on my regular med refill visit, I will make sure to scratch the hell out of my arm and show him the thousands of little red dots that magically appear.  Anyway, it is damned annoying is what it is.  Having a condition like Fibromyalgia is a pain as it is, with its hundreds of annoying symptoms and nonexistent treatments.  Like I need another issue or health concern to add to it all.  The thing about Lupus is that it is so similar in symptoms to FMS, and has the same comorbid conditions I have included into it, such that, yeah, it fits, but to prove it is another matter altogether. 

The mesage here is don't Google these things.  Just not a good idea.  Make you all hypocondriac like.  Yeah, it seems like if you get these petechiae and bleeding or bruising it should be looked at... but it has been looked at, more than once.  Once I was just itching a itch and got a streak of those dots and then out of curiousity itched a different area and got more... eventually thinking maybe I was having an allergic reaction when to the doc, who concured and gave me a shot of benydryl.  Then the next time same sort of thing and was told it was eczema even though it is never on the hands, elbows or feet.  The next time a doc said it was like an allergic reaction, but not really, more like an allergy sensativity to a multitude of things.  Well, that is just plain not helpful and did any of them look to validate their opinion with like an allergy test or a skin specialists... thats a big hell no.  So I figgered not important... just don't scratch any itch, even through clothing.  That makes me rather not inclined to bring it up once again, since my docs are more concerned over my migraines and my lack of coping with them, which is rather something I want them to focus on.

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