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The best laid plans of mice and men...

often go with rye... oops, I mean awry.  It is not an easy feat to cope with chronic pain on a daily basis.  I hardly think I am the first to say that!  Nevertheless, we have our methods of coping, of distracting ourselves, tricks to ease the pain, meds to numb the pain and numerous other little things that make day to day life tolerable. 

And that all goes to heck the moment we are confronted with acute suffering, or enduring severe pain... pain that cannot be denied and rather does not like to be ignored.  All those things I have been fitting into my routine go right out the window along with my will power.  If I can't sleep then how am I to have a normal sleep routine?  If I feel so ill I can't even think about food how am I to eat throughout the day?  Exercise?  You have to be kidding me... I am having issues just getting out of bed.

It's crazy really.  All these things I am supposed to do in order to tolerate the pain better are litterally impossible to do for about a week to two weeks a month when I am suffering from a status migraines induced by my lovely hormones, which also makes the FMS not too fun to hang around with as well.  So this is one nasty, acute migraine that is difficult to treat that lasts a minimum of a week.  Which is why I had issues not calling in sick every month because by the time I got to day three of that seven days of hell I felt overwhelmed by the pain and quite ill from the symptoms of migraines.  So point is... there goes any attempt at a routine.  Then I have to get back into it when the pain goes back to normal.  Every freakin month.

This month being extra special because the weather is turning which has prolonged my prolonged migraine.  Which makes me think way back in the day with certain cultures when a woman had 'that time of the month' they were bed ridden or secluded for the duration... and I think that is an awesome idea, since apparently I don't accomplish much anyway and forcing myself to do so really, really sucks (and obviously has not worked so well for me).  So in theory I would handle working better if during the times when I have a status migraine, most definately 'that freakin time of the month' I would simply have that time period off.  It is either that or more effective ER treatment for status migraines, which is just crazy talk.
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